231 Clues (Part 1)


Later that day, the sale continued in Vismont Village, but this time they set up a stall near the village center, with the richer population as the target market.

They had decided on the location, with the agreement of the so-called lord, based on efficiency.

More importantly, the lord was right next to them, and this alone immediately gathered the attention of everyone around as soon as he was noticed.

The group settled down, setting up under the illumination of the torches, and they were quite crowded even before everything was set up. 

They took out 1L jars of various condiments to wholesale, bags of flour, bolts of cloth, and sewing tools, all sold in gold. People started their endless inquiries as soon as they appeared.

One of the first things to notice was the bluish-green fine powder that was sold in kilogram bags. 

"Matcha?" The first in line asked, and the seller smilingly shook his head.

"No, it's flour." 


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