After signing in for Ten years, Uchiha begged me to come out .

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Chapter 5 Battle with seven swordsman


The Seven Ninja Swordsmen were startled at once. They were completely unaware of Uchiha Kirito's chakra!

They didn't sense him when he approached them.

Kirito smiled slightly.

"Uchiha Kirito, your corpse collector. I will also accept these seven ninja swords as souvenirs."

The seven Ninja Swordsmen were suddenly furious: "You arrogant kid, do you want to die?"

Kirito smiled indifferently: "Very well, in the first battle, the seven of you Ninja Swordsmen will b e used for my fame."


The seven Ninja Swordsmen were furious when they heard this!

Who are they?

They are the absolute elite ninja who have long been famous. They can be called the trump card of Kirigakure. According to rumors, if all seven of them join forces, they can conquer a small country!

"Boy, you are seeking death!"

Jinpachi roared and suddenly disappeared from his place. He slashed his Explosion swords towards Kirito. In the eyes of others, he was fast. However...

"Too slow."

Kirito shook his head disdainfully. He moved to the side, avoiding the slash.


"Jinpachi's attack failed? That kid is so quick. No, his movements were not fast, but it seems he anticipated the attack and dodged it!"

"How can this be?!"

"Even Sharingan cannot predict the opponent's movement this swiftly!"

The Ninja Swordsmen were dumbfounded. But they did not know that Kirito was not using his Sharingan but Observation Haki.

Jinpachi was surprised for a moment and immediately turned calm.

"Huh, kid, this is kind of interesting, but it's a pity that some attacks can't be defended!"

"Explod!" Jinpachi used his Explosion swords again and swung it towards Kirito.

This blow immediately exploded in front of him.

"Team leader!"

The three Uchiha teammates immediately exclaimed. However, they could not go against their captain's order. They couldn't act rashly either.

Might Guy, Shiranui Genma, and Ebisu were even more shocked.

"Is he dead?"

"Sure enough, he's a nasty kid, vulnerable!" However, at that moment, they heard a voice.

"What are you proud of?"

Suddenly, a piece of wood flew out of the explosion.

Body Replacement Technique!


Jinpachi was shocked, but the next moment...

A flash of lightning burst out instantly. The sound of terrifying thunder fell.

"What Lightning Style technique?" All of them were shocked.

Kirito reappeared in the same place in an instant and gently stretched out his wrist.

A terrifying electric light came out and hit Jinpachi.


He was caught off guard and was directly bombarded by lightning on his body. Half of his body turned black. He fell to the ground tragically.


The Explosion sword from his hand also immediately fell to the ground...

"Damn it, kid!"

The other six of the seven swordsmen were shocked.

They immediately understood their lesson: not to underestimate Kirito. This kid... is definitely a monster among monsters. They were terrified... It only took one attack from him to defeat one of them.

"Let's attack together!"

"Kill him!"

"Hidden Mist Technique!"

Fog filled the entire outer forest of Konoha!

"Do you want to use this trick? In front of my Sharingan and Observation Haki, this is nothing," Kirito sneered.

Juzo used his sword to attack him.


Juzo locked Kirito's position according to the voice and then...

Suddenly slashed down!


"Is that so?" Using one hand, Kirito grabbed Juzo's Sword and broke it.


Yes, Kirito used his advanced Armament Haki and then raised his foot and slammed it into Juzo. Using the Marine's highest secret technique.

Tempest Kick!

How can Juzo withstand this blow? He fell directly to the ground without moving, he died without knowing how!

"Let me do it!"

Ameyuri Ringo, the user of Thunder Swords, Kiba, moved. Grasping both swords in her hands, she slashed towards Kirito.

Kirito sneered, "Playing with thunder in front of me?"

"Courting death! One million volts discharge!"


The terrifying lightning burst out suddenly.

The two rays of lightning clashed with each other. In the end, Kirito's thunder won and hit Ameyuri Ringo, blowing her back.


Seeing that their comrades were defeated by Kirito, the remaining five finally moved. They attacked at the same time.

Kirito smiled slightly. "This is a bit interesting, but it's a pity... Still vulnerable!"

"Let me show you my true power..."

Kirito raised both hands and condensed a large amount of thunder.

"Oh! No, God..."

Kirito finally unleashed the terrifying power of the Thunder Fruit!


He utilized the shave technique, followed by the moonwalk, stepping into the void, and condescending upon his foes. Together with Observation Haki's precise predictions, this formidable God's sanction manifested as an immensely strong and massive pillar of thunder!


A fierce bombardment ensued!Within the dissipating Mist Shinobi Technique, as soon as the five figures reappeared, suddenly...


The earsplitting thunder reverberated instantly.

A violent lightning bolt struck each of them!

Just one blow...

All the ninjutsu moves of the five men failed.

And their bodies were instantly singed, emitting a pungent burnt smell...

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The remaining five individuals collapsed to the ground.

The Seven Ninja Swords, up until now...

Completely annihilated!

As the mist finally dispersed, the three Uchiha teammates, along with Might Guy, Shiranui Genma, and Ebisu's , witnessed a scene that was both shocking and unforgettable...

Uchiha Kirito stood calmly above the void.

And on the ground lay the motionless corpses of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, renowned throughout the ninja world...

The seven famed blades, once revered by many, now lay scattered and discarded on the ground.

"This... this is..."

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