After signing in for Ten years, Uchiha begged me to come out .

You can search this book by same name on mtlNation. This book is being translated by me , I'm not the author. So please co-operate with me.............. 100 power stone =1 chapter. 200 power stone= 2 chapter. " Clan Leader, what should we do now, The Hokage has brainwashed Uchiha Shisui and now wants us to fight against kirigakure. We are completely at disadvantage" " It's look like it's time for him to come out" thought Fugaku. "Follow me" ................. .................. " Kirito in the name of Uchiha clan Leader, I Uchiha Fugaku Order you to come out and help Uchiha clan"

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Chapter 4 Very well, in the first battle, the seven of you Ninja Swordsmen will be used for my fame."

The smile on Namikaze Minato's face disappeared a bit.

"Let's see who can kill the most ninjas."

"As for the outcome, I think the whole Ninja world will naturally know."

Uchiha Kirito smiled slightly. He could see the confidence of Namikaze Minato. He does have the qualifications for self-confidence. After this battle, Konoha's Yellow Flash will be famous all over the world!

Even the other great Ninja villages will set a rule that as long as you see the Yellow Flash, you can give up on your mission and flee.

He wants to make a bet with Uchiha Kirito, not for reputation and prestige, but for Uzumaki Kushina's attention. Kushina is faintly aware of it, but she was even more disgusted with Namikaze Minato's use of her as a bet.

Uchiha Kirito shook his head and smiled.

"Minato, war is not child's play; it is a tragic thing that affects countless innocent civilians and causes many people to die!"

"Bet on war?"

"I haven't been so frivolous."

Namikaze Minato was taken aback for a moment, and the whole person flushed. In fact, he does know, but it's just that because Uzumaki Kushina is present, he is young and frivolous and lost his mind. When Kirito said this, he immediately understood.

"Kirito, you are right. I'm sorry for making a bet at this time."

After speaking, a look of guilt flashed in his eyes, then he quietly glanced at Kushina, sighed unwillingly, turned, and left...

Uchiha Kirito shook his head.

Namikaze Minato is indeed a hero.

It's a pity that he is brainwashed by the Third Hokage, and even if he became the Fourth Hokage later, he was no more than a puppet of the Third Hokage.

Uzumaki Kushina watched Namikaze Minato leave and heaved a sigh of relief.

She smiled and said, "Kirito, I'm really confident that you will win the bet with him..."

Kirito smiled unusually and asked, "You really don't know what he means?"

Kushina blushed suddenly.


"Isn't it because you are here that he was so gagged?"

"This Minato seems to have been secretly in love with you..."

Kushina blushed: "I know, but in my heart, there has always been only..."

Uchiha Kirito smiled slightly: "Who?"

Kushina was shy and couldn't continue.

"No, nothing..."

"I see, you are as shy as you were back then."

Uchiha Kirito squeezed her little face lightly.

Kushina flushed suddenly...

"Hate, don't pinch my face..."

Kirito let go of her, and the two naturally walked forward. This scene looked like a young couple in love walking on a date.

"Kirito, are you really going to the battlefield?"


"Then, you must be careful and come back safely. I will always be waiting for you."

Kirito teased her deliberately.

"For which are you waiting for me?"

Kushina blushed again.

"When you come back, I, I will..." She couldn't finish her sentence because of her shyness.

Looking at her reaction, Kirito immediately understood everything and he was a little bit taken aback.

"Don't tell me you...."

Kushina blinked her eyes.

"Kirito, what do you mean?"

"Ah, no, nothing..."

"Really, you are as mysterious as you were when you were a kid, saying some strange things, and you wouldn't tell me..."

"Was I?"

"Yes! Do you remember that time..."

Although the two hadn't seen each other for many years, there was no gap at all, and they soon began to communicate affectionately.

The next day.

Kirito led a three-person team of the Uchiha family to the battlefield.

Although he said that he could solve it by himself, even for the sake of obeying orders on the surface, it was impossible for the Uchiha clan to send him alone.

In addition to his team, Fugaku also sent three other Jōnin and several other teams.

Kirito's sign-in refresh time is coming soon. And the refresh location designated by the system is in the forest outside Konoha Village!

Kirito led the team towards the battlefield there.

"Where did this Kirito come from?"

"Why did the patriarch appoint him as the captain, and we must obey his orders absolutely?"

"I don't know, after the tragic death of the former captain, the patriarch said that he would help us find the strongest person to be the captain, but..."

"This Kirito is still a child at all, right?!"

"Does he understand the cruelty of war?"

"Moreover, I have never heard of his name. Does he have the strength to lead us?"

"Hush! This is an order from the patriarch, and you must not disobey it!"

"It's not that I don't believe in the patriarch, but this is war! The captain is responsible for the lives of all members of the entire team; it is not a trifling matter!"

"Does the patriarch treat war as a trifling matter?"

"Yes, I want to see how capable this man named Kirito is..."

The three-person team whispered quietly behind Kirito, thinking that they had not been heard. But they didn't know they were all heard clearly by Kirito. Because of his special ability:

[ Observation Haki - Advance Level ] [ Coverage - 10 km ]

Within the entire ten kilometers, Kirito could see and hear all the words, deeds, and actions of everyone clearly and plainly. Therefore, Kirito certainly heard the conversations of these people.

However, he didn't care about it at all. His strength does not need the recognition of these people.



"What's the matter, captain?"

"There are enemies, and... very powerful!"

"Where? Why didn't my Sharingan perceive it?"

One of them, a Chūnin, wondered.

Kirito glanced at him and shook his head disdainfully.

The meaning is very clear. He is still far away!

The three of them are a little skeptical, but they can only obey orders. Kirito led the three and approached quietly and saw familiar figures:

The Seven Ninja Swords!

Moreover, it is Kirigakure's first generation of Ninja Seven. They have surrounded the young Might Guy, Shiranui Genma, and Ebisu. Obviously, they were playing with these three.

Kirito knew that in the original plot at this moment, Might Guy's father, Might Dai, will arrive, and he will open the Eight Inner Gates Formation at the expense of his life, damaging the enemy!

The ending is... Might Dai died at the end, and the Seven Ninja Swordsmen also suffered heavy losses!

Four of them will be killed! The other three will be seriously injured, and they will manage to escape. Now that Kirito sees this scene, the ending will naturally not be the same again...

"A few Konoha bastards, just in time. Come and play with us..."

"Hey, it's fun to slay them with my long sword, right?"

"Or use my explosive sword droplets to blow them up..."

The two young Konoha Shinobi were shivering in front them.

Only Might Guy remained calm.

"We Konoha ninja are not afraid of death. Kill us if you can."

"Oh? The boy with thick eyebrows is a bit courageous."

The Seven Ninja Swordsmen approached the three children slowly.

"Stop it, the Seven Swordsmen of Kirigakure are harassing three children. Has Kiri become so weak to this point?"

"Huh? Who are you?!"

The Seven Ninja Swordsmen were startled at once. They were completely unaware of Uchiha Kirito's chakra!

They didn't sense him when he approached them.

Kirito smiled slightly.

"Uchiha Kirito, your corpse collector. I will also accept these seven ninja swords as souvenirs."

The seven Ninja Swordsmen were suddenly furious: "You arrogant kid, do you want to die?"

Kirito smiled indifferently: "Very well, in the first battle, the seven of you Ninja Swordsmen will be used for my fame."