After signing in for Ten years, Uchiha begged me to come out .

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Chapter 36 : "Master Daimyo, the reason I object is because..."

As soon as this sentence came out, the whole venue was suddenly silent.

Everyone who supported Qianyu smiled and nodded silently, and the people of the Third Hokage looked gloomy.

However, even the opposition parties have to admit Kirito is indeed the most qualified person.

However, in any case, how can a Uchiha become the Fourth Hokage?

Sarutobi Hiruzen looked as usual, nodded calmly, and said: "Kirito will be a good Hokage. This old man agrees too!"

Everyone looked at him. If the third Hokage has agreed, then there is nothing more to Kirito seat must be firmly established.

However, at this moment. Suddenly, a voice came. Shimura Danzō. He walked out of the darkness.

"Sorry, Lord Daimyo, Lord Hokage, advisors, high-level officials of Fire Country and Konoha Village, elite Jōnin, patriarchs of major families..."

"I, Shimura Danzō, resolutely protest Uchiha Kirito as the Fourth Hokage!" For a moment, everyone was stunned, and then they looked at Danzo!

Kirito also smiled slightly.

What a double game. The third Hokage is playing both sides. Shimura Danzō is obviously the Third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen party.

One of them agreed, and the other one of them protests. The daimyo frowned slightly and looked at Shimura Danzō.

"Oh? Shimura Danzō of the root?"

"Why do you oppose Kirito being a Hokage? In terms of strength, he is the first person in the Uchiha clan!"

"Even in the entire Konoha Village, he is one of the few who held absolute power. In terms of prestige, I am afraid that the entire Konoha Village ninjas and civilians adore him and everyone admires him!"

"In terms of credit, he killed Kirigakure's Seven Ninjas in the Third Ninja War and forced the old guy Oniki, forcing the army of Iwagakure back. It can be said that it was the power of his that ended the entire third Ninja World War!"

"Then, in the Nine Tails chaos that just passed, it was even more so that Nine Tails was suppressed and sealed again to protect the safety of the entire village!"

"Why can't such a character be Hokage?"

Shimura Danzō said coldly: "Master Daimyo, the reason I object is because..."

"Nine Tails Chaos!"


Everyone was shocked instantly.

The daimyo was also taken aback.

"The Nine Tails chaos? Isn't that what Kirito calmed down?"

Danzo said coldly: "No"


Everyone turned their heads to look at Danzo and listened quietly!

Only Kirito was alone, dismissive of it. Of course, he knows the Third Hokage and Danzo's plan!

but He doesn't care.

Danzo said in a deep voice, "Master Daymio, everyone can think about it. Who is it that can control Nine Tails and start this Nine Tails chaos!?"

Everyone looked at each other, then was silent for a moment, and began to talk.

Danzo sneered.

"Undoubtedly, I think everyone knows that there are only two types of Ninja World that can control the power of the tail beast..."

"One, the Wood Style secret technique of Master First Hokage and since the death of the First Hokage, no that is not an option anymore"

"We also saw it once again and that was Kirito himself when he was in control of Nine Tails!"

"And the other one. It's Sharingan!"

Everyone is looking in the direction of the Uchiha clan.

They Looked at Uchiha Fugaku and at Uchiha Kirito.

Daymio's heart moved: "Danzo, do you mean that Kirito himself initiated the Nine Tails chaos?!"

Danzo sneered: "It may be!"

Everyone was dead silent, looking at Kirito together!

Kirito dismissed it and looked at Danzo with a sneer. He doesn't even bother to answer!

Danzo said angrily: "Kirito, won't you come out and explain?!"

Kirito said indifferently: "If anyone offends me, he will get double of it, but I don't care about dogs"

For a while, everyone was shocked.

Danzo suddenly became furious: "You, what did you say?!"

After all, he is also the veteran of Konoha Village, and along with the Second Hokage, he has made a lot of credit for Konoha Village. Regarding the age, seniority, he should be given some respect. But Kirito called him a dog.

"You said I am a dog"

"Everyone, if he didn't feel ashamed, why did he insult me?!"

Kirito stood up slowly.

Everyone's heart suddenly shocked.

Everyone knows Kirito's strength.

If he really wants to break out here, I am afraid no one can stop him. But Kirito didn't do it.

He just gave Danzo a cold look.

"Nine Tails Jinchūriki is my wife Kushina who sealed this brutal tail beast And once the tail beast breaks the seal, Jinchūriki will definitely die!"

"Will I let my wife's life be ignored?!"

"That's something that can't be done!"

"Those who have such thoughts are simply cowards"

Before he may not have that much political power. So he was quite. But now he will no longer fear anyone.

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