28 Chapter 27 " Nine tails"


It's time for Kushina to give birth.

Kirito also accompanied Kushina to a remote and secret place outside Konoha Village, making sure everything is alright. Anbu, the elite of Third Hokage, were also outside in case of an emergency situation. As for the delivery, it is in the hands of Sarutobi Hiruzen's wife, Sarutobi Biwa!

There is also another female ninja from Anbu.

As for Kirito...

He is at the entrance, waiting for Kushina to give birth.


Because Kushina is giving birth, the seal was almost broken. Kirito could even feel that Nine Tails had tried to break through the seal several times.

But finally, he was still bound by the seal.

It's been a long time.


There was the cry of a baby!

Kirito was overjoyed!

His and Kushina's child were finally born!

He rushed in immediately.

Regardless of other things.

Biwa and another Anbu female ninja were taken aback.

"Kushina, how are you..."

He didn't ask about the child first but he asked about Kushina's well-being.

"What a good man."

Biwa and another female ninja couldn't help sighing.

Kushina smiled hard, but still, she was moved by his words.

"I'm fine, Kirito..."

"Our children..."

Kirito took the baby from Biwa and hugged her in his arms.

Showing her to Kushina.

"It's a girl..."

Kushina smiled: "A girl, I hope she will inherit my dream in the future..."

"Becoming the first female Hokage in Konoha Village history!"

Kirito smiled and said, "It will definitely happen!"

"By the way, husband, I haven't named our daughter yet..."

Kirito thought for a while and smiled slightly.

"Just call her..."

"Uchiha Naruko!"

"Naruko? Good name..."

So, from this moment...

Uchiha Naruko was born.

However, at that moment...

Kirito frowned.

He immediately felt the surrounding changes!

His high-level Observation Haki, coupled with the current Mangekyō Sharingan, can generate warning signs of any danger.

Not to mention that the observation Haki can cover a range of ten kilometers.


This person was not within ten kilometers, but suddenly appeared directly from the void...

The elite Anbu ninjas outside the door have all been killed!

Kirito sneered.



"You finally appeared..."

"It's a pity that you met me this time!"

Next moment.

The space was distorted, and soon a figure appeared directly in the delivery room.

"Oh, already born..."

"Uchiha Kirito, Uzumaki Kushina..."


Kirito sneered: "What do you want to do?"

Uchiha Obito froze for a moment.

Faced with his sudden appearance, this person didn't even ask who he was, but first asked what he was going to do...

This is not in line with human common sense...

However, he did not have any psychological fluctuations.

"Uchiha Kirito, the strongest of the Uchiha clan?"

"However, my goal today is not you, nor your wife..."

"My purpose..."

"Is it Nine Tails?"

Kirito interrupted him.

Obito said coldly, "That's right! You have already seen it through..."

"It's a pity, it's useless!"


Obito suddenly became Hollow again and disappeared.

The next moment, he appeared directly on the other side of the room, and his hand also touched Kushina...

Then, immediately swallow her into the Kamui space and take her away.

"You are too naive!"

An electric light shot out in an instant, the sharpest and fastest blade in the world!


Obito immediately gave up Kushina and quickly Hollowed himself, avoiding the blow.

If he wants to touch others, he has to materialize.

Of course, Kirito knew this kind of information.

Obito's figure appeared again, already on the other side of the room.

"Actually, can you see through the flaws in my technique?!"

"How can it be!"

At this time, Biwa was panicked and hurriedly shouted at another Anbu female ninja.

"Quick! Go and inform Master Hokage!"


The Anbu female ninja was about to rush out, but...

Suddenly Obito appeared in front of her, and her life ended in a second.


The next moment Biwa was killed by Obito's sudden attack!

Kirito did not intercept.

These people and forces belong to Sarutobi Hiruzen, and to him, they are nothing more than enemies.

He doesn't have so much sympathy.

"Why did you not make a move?"

Obito sneered, "As expected, you belong to the Uchiha clan..."

"You are cruel."


Suddenly, before he even finished speaking, he had already appeared behind Kirito, and stabs down fiercely!


However, Uchiha Kirito has long been transformed into thunder and he disappeared from his position.


"That is..."

"Lightning Style Shadow Clone?!"

"No, it's not... I can see clearly, it is indeed him"

"But... How can he disappear suddenly ?!"

For a while, Obito was shocked!

"Is this your ability? It's a pity, the speed is still too slow..."

Kirito had already appeared behind Obito in the next instant and he slashed his thunder blade

Puncture Obito's whole body in an instant!


Obito snorted, his body was hollow again.

However, even if he was injured his body is made of White Zetsu cells and this blow is not deadly!

"Uchiha Kirito, you are indeed amazing!"

"I really underestimated you!"

Kirito smiled slightly, just about to say something, suddenly...

Kushina screamed, and suddenly, a frenzied shadow of a fierce beast wielding nine tails frantically appeared on the wall behind her!

"Nine Tails!"

Kirito exclaimed. He knew that because Kushina had just finished giving and saw the fighting between him and Obito, she was too worried about him and finally caused the seal to be completely broken...

Nine Tails...

Finally breaking the seal and it is coming out.

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