After reincarnating, I became a second generation villain

When opened his eyes, Lin Tian realized that he was reincarnated into the modern cultivation world. Exploring the memories of this body, his expression became gloomy because he was reincarnated as a young master from a wealthy family. Some people may be happy, but not for him. He had read many novels with modern cultivation themes. Wasn't a young master like him is a stepping stone for the protagonist and had a tragic ending? Just when he was really desperate, suddenly the system came. [Congratulations to the host for binding the destiny villain system] [Beginner's prize will be distributed] [Congratulations, you have obtained a martial emperor level cultivation base] Cool, just slumped, and now invincible? ______________________________ First of all, this novel doesn't have any elements of a brainless Harem, our MC will not be like other MC who every time he goes somewhere he will bring another woman. But there is romance, and the heroin is a very strong like peerless empress reincarnation.

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Duel with peak level martial emperor

"Old Ling, what is your strength now?" Lin Tian looked at Ling Donglai and Askes lightly.

"I am at the peak level of a martial emperor, but faintly, I can feel that my strength is beyond that." Ling Donglai answered Lin Tian's question.

"How about compared to the one in the palace?" Lin Tian said with a faint smile.

The person in the palace of course the emperor Qin Congzhen, he is a person who has lived for hundreds of years.

With his fighting experience of hundreds of years, he was a very strong person.

"I can't be compared, but if the two of us fight, I won't lose easily to him." Ling Donglai answered Lin Tian lightly.

Ling Donglai had obtained all the current information from the system, so he knew everything in the Qin country.


"Old Ling, I want to test how strong my strength is, how about we fight?" Lin Tian looked at Ling Donglai, and said with a smirk.

"Okay, no problem." Ling Donglai nodded, and said lightly.

"Old Ling, don't think I'm weak, I'm a martial emperor." Lin Tian said as he raised one of his hands, revealing red-colored flames.

"Th-this is supernatural power! Young master, you are a martial emperor?" Ling Donglai was shocked.

How not, is a Martial Emperor realm cultivator a cabbage? So young?

"That's right, I am indeed a martial emperor." Lin Tian nodded.

Hearing this, Ling Donglai looked at Lin Tian in admiration.

"People in the world say that my talent, Ling Donglai is unrivaled. But compared to the young master, it is nothing." Ling Donglai looked at Lin Tian and said solemnly.

"Old Ling, you are already a legend, but I just made my legend path." Lin Tian smiled faintly, and said.

"I believe young master will become a very powerful existence in the world." Ling Donglai said solemnly.


"Then where are we going to fight, we can't possibly fight here." Ling Donglai looked at Lin Tian, ​​and said.

"Of course not in this villa area, we will go to the Qinghai forest." Lin Tian said lightly.

"Qinghai forest? Well, it's quite extensive, at least it won't damage public property too much." Ling Donglai thought for a moment, then nodded.

"Then let's go." Lin Tian said.

"Okay," Ling Donglai nodded.


The distance between his villa and the Qinghai forest was quite far, if just driving a car, it would take 40 minutes.

But Ling Donglai and Lin Tian were both martial emperors, they only needed to fly a few minutes to arrive.

The two of them only needed 5 minutes to get from Tianhai city to Qinghai forest, it was very fast.


After a while, the two of them finally arrived in the middle of the Qinghai forest, coincidentally they found an empty area of ​​more than 50 meters.

"Alright, should we start now?" Lin Tian looked at Ling Donglai, and said.

"Go ahead." Ling Donglai also answered him by doing the stances ready to fight.

"Be careful." Lin Tian said while giving off an extremely powerful aura.

The aura was blackish red and enveloped Lin Tian's body.

"Demon god punch!" Lin Tian charged toward Ling Donglai with his fist that seemed to be distorting the air.

"Dragon awakening martial art!"

Seeing Lin Tian's punch, Ling Donglai didn't dare to ignore it, he quickly used his strongest martial arts technique.


The two powerful fists collided, Lin Tian's terrifying punch collided with Ling Donglai's dragon punch, causing an explosion.

The explosion was so powerful, that it even caused a shockwave that made the surrounding trees topple over, and the ground they were both standing on also cracked.




They clashed punches and attacks.

No one looked weak here, Lin Tian's extremely strong cultivation foundation could match Ling Donglai's cultivation base.

"Old Ling, be careful." Lin Tian shouted towards Ling Donglai.

After that, he put on a stance like fighting, but it was visible in his clenched right hand, it was like cracking the air.

Ling Donglai looked at Lin Tian seriously, he could feel that Lin Tian's right hand cracked the air giving him a feeling of threat.

Lin Tian charged swiftly toward Ling Donglai while aiming his fist.

"Xuanwu defense technique!" Ling Donglai gave off a green aura, and an enormous shield enveloped his body.

And it can be seen that there is the shadow of a turtle with a snake tail behind him.

Lin Tian's punch fell towards Ling Donglai's body.


Lin Tian's terrifying fist hit Ling Donglai's shield, it could be seen that Ling Donglai's shield was slowly cracking.

Meanwhile, Ling Donglai felt like his whole body was shaking violently, it was like an earthquake was taking place inside his body.

He was really serious now, he looked troubled.


Ling Donglai bounced backward and crashed into the trees.

"Cough!" Ling Donglai coughed up blood.

Even now that he still felt the vibrations in his body, he looked in pain now.

"Cough!" On the other hand, Lin Tian was also coughing up blood, he almost fell to the ground, he looked very exhausted now.

He felt that his strength was almost exhausted after using that earthquake punch.

Earlier, he wanted to test the strength of the earthquake punch.

And Ling Donglai was a very suitable object for that.

The power was indeed very strong, but the counterattack was also very strong.


Lin Tian was feeling better now, he walked over to Ling Donglai who was lying on the ground to check on his condition.

"Ling Donglai, are you all right?" Lin Tian asked lightly.

He still believed that Ling Donglai was very strong, he could certainly withstand the power of the punch without fainting.

"Young master, what power is that? I feel like it's the strongest attack I've ever felt." Ling Donglai slowly stood up and said solemnly.

"Well, you could say it's one of my strongest strengths." Lin Tian said lightly.

"But old Ling, I admire you, you are a grandmaster." Lin Tian smiled and said.

"A grandmaster? Compared to young master's strength, my reputation is fake. Young master possesses immense strength at such a young age, soon, the young master will surely be able to defeat me easily." Ling Donglai heard Lin Tian's words, be smiled bitterly.