After reincarnating, I became a second generation villain

Author: abinn
Eastern Fantasy
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What is After reincarnating, I became a second generation villain

Read ‘After reincarnating, I became a second generation villain’ Online for Free, written by the author abinn, This book is a Eastern Fantasy Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, REINCARNATION Light Novel, R18 Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: When opened his eyes, Lin Tian realized that he was reincarnated into the modern cultivation world.Exploring the memorie...


When opened his eyes, Lin Tian realized that he was reincarnated into the modern cultivation world. Exploring the memories of this body, his expression became gloomy because he was reincarnated as a young master from a wealthy family. Some people may be happy, but not for him. He had read many novels with modern cultivation themes. Wasn't a young master like him is a stepping stone for the protagonist and had a tragic ending? Just when he was really desperate, suddenly the system came. [Congratulations to the host for binding the destiny villain system] [Beginner's prize will be distributed] [Congratulations, you have obtained a martial emperor level cultivation base] Cool, just slumped, and now invincible? ______________________________ First of all, this novel doesn't have any elements of a brainless Harem, our MC will not be like other MC who every time he goes somewhere he will bring another woman. But there is romance, and the heroin is a very strong like peerless empress reincarnation.

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This is Lin Tian.[img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins]


And this is Ji Xian [img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=fp][img=fp][img=exp][img=exp][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Nothing more to say This book is pro u should read this once not like those novels in which Villan MC trys to get all the the Protagonist girls and stuff it's quite good u should try once


This isnt a villain novel dont get baited, mc is just ruthless but even that its only to ppl who provoke him. Hes a system slave, completely dependant on it and its powers. The 'protags' are more evil than the mc himself. In recent chapters its gone with the cliche 'I will make you my woman' route zzzzzzzz. The mc is just a young master, slapping faces and dispensing righteousness. Author seems to think that just because someone goes against an individual labelled the 'protag' it means they are a villain, dissapointing.


Very nice[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend]


i don't do reviews often, but figured i should because somehow this novel has high ratings. i'll start off with the writing quality, it's poor. the english isn't good, the writing feels robotic and detached, it's not immersive at all and is sometimes confusing due to the poor english. idk about the stability of updates so i just put that at 5 stars. story development is weird, doesn't make sense, there's tons of plot holes and it feels like the author completely forgets everything he wrote about 3 chapters ago, it's like the men in black wiped his memory every 3 chapters. as for character design, it's really awkward, pretty stupid especially the "protagonists" who aren't really protagonists, they're just normal stupid villains called the protagonist while the mc is a slave to the system and an idiot, other characters also feel detached and not real. as for the world background, i haven't read enough to really have a good opinion about it, but so far it's nothing special, and is not that great.


Another bait dog novel. The whole thing about him being a villain is FALSE, he is literally a normal MC and the protags are actually young master brain damaged type 3rd rate villains who spew 10 IQ comments and actions. How anyone thought this was a good novel is beyond me. The world structure and the other characters make 0 sense, a literal mortal who can hold more money than the cultivatuon country, thats like a 5 IQ idea that wouldnt work at all, and a big guild master has like 0 bodyguards for his weak daughter in her birthday party and she gets kidnapped with 0 difficulty even a retard hobo can do it


Chapter 10 Status: Writing Quality: ⭐️ MTL Stability of Updates: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ One chapter a day or so Story Development: ⭐️⭐️ I am to lazy to write, but it=s worse than those novels in Trial reads Character Design: ⭐️⭐️ Bland, one dimensional characters with 0 depth or personality World Background: ⭐️⭐️ Only a little is explained at the start, but it‘s incomplete, disorganized and useless for the most part


This would have been super awesome but ml's action in chapter 70 and fl's reaction in ch71 ruined it completely .. Not my cup of tea anymore. [img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


Reveal spoiler


simp villain beta. read it if you like this. ,........................................................................... ...............


Incredibly boring, the mc does things just because the author says so, he doesn't have any motivation or desire, he just exists and reacts to the system. His "peak cultivation" means nothing because mr.author was smart enough to downplay it right away by introducing this so called world awakening, his cultivation is so irrelevant that he shows it off in chapter 9 just to save a girl he doesn't care about (oh by the way, we have the out of touch boomer: "it's just a woman" kind of writing so expect every female character to be one dimensional shells and massively objectified)


At first 100 chapters it's good the plot is nice but when it comes to 100+ the novel become slow it's is already 100 chapters yet he still doesn't solve the protagonist (Xiao) and in the 100+ chapters everything is only about the travel of Lin fan having dinner with his parents visiting her girlfriend nothing else it's getting boring and one more thing it's not like a villain at all more like Xiao is the villain here


Writing quality: Its terrible (1) Stability of Updates: Author seems to upload everyday so ok (5) Story development: Ye... just no (1) Character Design: average (3) World Background: Also average (2) score: 2.4 Why does this have such high reviews?


its pretty poor writing and nothing new. wouldnt recommend it. i dont understand why reviews has to be long but well. if you are bored give it a try but its really just plain


it's like author made frame of story then started writing and connecting plots forcely you will not see any emotions, if you want power mc who only go and defeat villains in one strike an pick up girls like picking stones then its for you i read chapter upto 71


I have read till 45th chapter and have to say the grammar in this novel isn't preferable. I know this novel is made after the novel "I became a second generation villain"(which is a great novel 100% recommended). But the author of this novel has poorly displayed the plot. there are many plotholes but that can be ignored if you have patience. And the most disappointing thing is the "villain" is turning more into a protagonist. I don't know after chapter 45 but it has been mostly disappointing to me. Certain acts dosent suit a VILLAIN. Also the dialogues of supporting characters are too trash. I won't say anything anymore. But i bet this wouldn't quench your thirst for VILLAINS.


more chapter pls[img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


Nice one keep going . Nice one keep going . Nice one keep going . Nice one keep going . Nice one keep going . Nice one keep going . Nice one keep going . Nice one keep going .


wew cringe as heck [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp] [img=exp].............


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