After Rebirth, the Miracle Doctor Wife Is No Longer Humble!

"Ye Ling, be good and just surrender to me!" A familiar, nauseating voice echoed in her ears, and Ye Ling realized that she had been reborn! In her previous life, Ye Ling had suffered on behalf of her stepsister in the countryside out of familial love. That's when she caught the attention of the despicable beast before her. In her previous life, he had forced himself upon her and used public opinion to coerce her into marriage. Ye Ling's married life was even more miserable. Not only did she have to work to support the extensive household, but she also endured domestic violence from this b*stard. She miscarried due to the abuse, where she suffered severe bleeding, which resulted in her inability to get pregnant again. Later, the village leader promised her a divorce if she could get into university. But to her surprise, this scoundrel had secretly sold her acceptance letter to someone else! In her second chance at life, Ye Ling decided to change her destiny. She wanted everyone who had hurt her to suffer! In an era where the law had yet to be widely enforced, Ye Ling's first act was to report the incidents to the police. She was no longer as weak as she was in her previous life and relied on her talent and hard work to acquire medical skills. Her stepsister wanted to snatch away her good fortune? Wishful thinking! Her father wanted to sell her to an older man with violent tendencies? Dream on! She studied medicine, grew herbs, pursued higher education, and inadvertently became a renowned miracle doctor. The man who had once saved her from dire straits looked at her with pride and said, "As expected of my wife!"

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Sun Li dried her hands on her apron and went to open the door. When she saw Liu Lin in a white dress outside, Sun Li paused for a moment before asking coldly, "Are you here to find Min Nan?"

Sun Li was Min Nan's godmother, so Liu Lin didn't dare to show any disrespect. She quickly put on a warm smile and greeted, "Hello, Auntie. I came to bring something for Min Nan."

Sun Li glanced at Liu Lin's white dress with a mocking smile and remarked, "If you're here to bring something, then bring it. Why dress like this? People might think you're going to get married in a church."

Liu Lin's smile instantly froze, and she tightly clenched her fists. She composed herself and entered the courtyard, where she saw Min Nan sitting at the table having breakfast.

Liu Lin adjusted her facial muscles and wore her most natural and sweet smile as she called out, "Min Nan, long time no see."

As Min Nan ate, he was thinking about finding Wang Gang later. When he suddenly saw Liu Lin, there was no surprise on his face. He only nodded lightly. "What's the matter?"

Then, his gaze stopped on Liu Lin's white dress for two seconds, and for a moment, he seemed to be a little absent-minded.

Seeing Min Nan's expression, Liu Lin felt a wave of joy. She walked into the house and handed the two books she brought to Min Nan. "These are high school textbooks I found at the bookstore in town. It took me a month to find these two. I've already finished reading them and thought you might need them."

Min Nan looked at the two high school textbooks with some hesitation.

In the past, Min Nan would have accepted the books without hesitation. But now, he felt it was not quite appropriate to do so.

Liu Lin, sensing his hesitation, placed the textbooks on the table and spoke softly, "Min Nan, I believe Uncle must have reminded you that the college entrance examination will resume. Although the news hasn't spread yet, he has connections on the inside. If you prepare well now, you'll have a significant advantage over others. Just think about it, when the college entrance examination resumes, the competition for the Capital Military Academy will be intense!"

Min Nan glanced at the textbooks and pondered for a moment. "Thank you, but it's not necessary."

If it were before, Min Nan would have accepted the textbooks. But now, he felt it was inappropriate.

Liu Lin already had a good impression of him. Now that he already had someone he liked, he should be stricter with himself and keep a distance from other women.

Liu Lin was taken aback for a moment. Then, she nervously gripped the end of her braid, she said, "Min Nan, the reason I came here this time is not just to bring you books. I also wanted to borrow some money from you..."

"Borrow money? Are you in need of money?" Min Nan was somewhat surprised. His father, Min Song, treated Liu Lin better than him. He had never mistreated her before. How could she be short of money?

"In any case, will you lend me some? If you agree, please accept these two textbooks as well. Otherwise, I'll feel embarrassed taking your money." Liu Lin appeared quite ashamed, and her face turned red, making her radiant cheeks even more charming.

Min Nan deliberated for a few seconds before finally nodding. "I'll give you the money. I'll return the textbooks to you after I'm done with them."

He suddenly thought of Ye Ling. Ye Ling was an intellectual youth and might take the college entrance examination in the future. These two textbooks might be very useful for her.

Furthermore, Liu Lin was here to borrow money, so the exchange of textbooks seemed reasonable. It should be fine for him to accept them.

As Min Nan handed the money to Liu Lin, Wan Hai, and Wan Feng had already left home.

Wan Xue had gone to the mountains early in the morning with his good friends to pick peaches.

Sun Li was currently sitting at the kitchen door, watching Liu Lin and Min Nan with a vigilant and impatient expression.

Liu Lin glanced at Sun Li and sighed. She smiled bitterly and said, "I don't understand why Auntie Sun has such a negative impression of me."

Min Nan didn't know what to say and remained silent.

Liu Lin looked at the watch on her wrist.

It was almost time.

She stood up and said, "Well, I'll be leaving then. Min Nan... How about you walk me out? It's been a long time since we took a walk together."

Min Nan initially wanted to refuse, but for some reason, when he saw Liu Lin's eyes filled with grievance, he nodded.

Min Nan felt that something was wrong with him. He seemed to have gradually developed a consciousness that did not belong to him. That consciousness made decisions that went against his heart for him.

Liu Lin smiled, seemingly delighted. She ignored Sun Li's dark expression and left with Min Nan.

"Min Nan, it's still early. Let's go to your old house and take a look," Liu Lin said, walking by Min Nan's side and gently linking her arm with his.

Min Nan wanted to push Liu Lin away, but his thoughts seemed to be rusted, and he couldn't react immediately.

What was happening to him?