4 The People Willing to Help Me

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Yu Jia had naturally heard about Jiang Feng's bankruptcy! For someone like her, who often spent money without restraint, the news of her boyfriend losing all his money in one night was devastating. How was she going to live the rest of her life?

The reason she had fallen in love with him before was because his family had been planning to demolish the house. In the end, she hadn't expected not to get a single cent out of all the money from the demolition. She had even wasted a few months of her time on him. Yu Jia's face was filled with hatred as she cursed Jiang Feng loudly.

"You only have a better-looking face than others. Other than that, you are useless!

"If it wasn't for that money, do you think I would be with you?

"You useless thing, you deserve to go bankrupt. You are the only one who still wanted to invest in Bitcoin. You were not born with that ability in your mother's womb!

"A person like you will never be able to turn over a new leaf in life! You'll be poor for the rest of your life!"

As he faced all kinds of cursing from Yu Jia, Jiang Feng just silently hung up the phone. He didn't want to waste any more words on this kind of person.

'As expected, this gold-digging girlfriend of mine isn't reliable at all.'

In the past, she used to be very obedient. Now that he was down and out, she wanted to just flip the table and leave. However, Jiang Feng wasn't sad at all when Yu Jia left so heartlessly! They hadn't known each other for long and they didn't have deep feelings for each other. So what if they broke up? After seeing her face clearly, Jiang Feng was satisfied!

As he was thinking about it, his phone suddenly began ringing non-stop with notifications. Jiang Feng pushed the Yu Jia matter aside and picked up his phone to check. He then saw the messages of the class group chat.

"@Jiang Feng, Jiang Feng, how does it feel to gamble it all away in one night? Come out and share with everyone."

"@Jiang Feng, that's right, that's right. We haven't experienced it yet. Going bankrupt in one night should be quite exciting, hahaha!"

"@Jiang Feng, can you still afford to eat? How about I give you 50 cents so you can buy a steamed bun?"

"@Jiang Feng, how can you only buy a steamed bun? I'll add 50 cents and get you a bag of pickled vegetables!"

"@Jiang Feng, everyone has donated. How about I give you another dollar and buy you a bottle of mineral water to prevent that steamed bun from choking you?"

"You guys can't say that. Jiang Feng is so handsome. He eats better when he grinds steel balls for rich women!"

"Hahahaha, are you guys trying to kill me from laughter? Grinding steel balls? Tsk, tsk... The image is too beautiful for me to even imagine!"

The messages in the group chat continued coming one after another. The messages among the circle of his friends did not stop either. As time passed, word of mouth spread. The news that Jiang Feng's investment had failed and that he had gone bankrupt overnight quickly spread. Many of the students who had been very jealous of Jiang Feng appeared. All of them spoke without restraint, mocking Jiang Feng and adding insult to injury.

As he looked at their comments, Jiang Feng couldn't help but frown. These people were too unscrupulous! But this also allowed Jiang Feng to truly see the reality of his social circle! Before he had "gone bankrupt", the people mocking him now had been fawning over him. But now? Each and every one of them had come to kick him while he was down. The reality of it was breathtaking.

"The group leader has activated silent mode."

As everyone in the group was mocking Jiang Feng, suddenly, the chat box was locked. Then, a message was sent out.

"Those who study finance know that it's common for investments to fail."

"Watch what you say. This isn't a place for you to be impudent!"

Upon looking at the message, Jiang Feng was stunned for a moment. This was a message sent by the group leader, Lin Miaoxue. After she finished speaking, she once again removed the group chat restriction. She initially thought that this would be enough to calm everyone down, but she did not expect that the people in the group would not stop at all. Many people directly opened their mouths to argue with Lin Miaoxue.

"Lin Miaoxue, now that everyone has graduated, the class monitor is useless. Don't play around by showing off your authority here."

"You think a person like Jiang Feng deserves sympathy? What a joke!"

"He's a country bumpkin. His poor life is over there. He didn't cherish his money properly or even learn from others how to invest. He deserves to go bankrupt!"

"A country bumpkin like him has no idea how to invest. We've been teaching him out of kindness. Hahaha."

Many people even began to mock Jiang Feng even more. Looking at the situation, Jiang Feng sighed helplessly. In a group chat of so many classmates, there were some who Jiang Feng had been very good friends with in the past. Although they did not publicly ridicule Jiang Feng, none of them dared to stand up and speak up for him.

Only class monitor Lin Miaoxue stood up and spoke up for Jiang Feng. Should he conclude that the world was cold? Or that human nature was complicated? Such a classmate, such a friend... And such a girlfriend. As he processed all of this, Jiang Feng felt a myriad of emotions in his heart!


'I wonder how Shen Wen is doing?'

Jiang Feng closed the group chat and looked at Shen Wen's WeChat profile picture. In an instant, his heart inexplicably felt a little conflicted! At that moment, the phone suddenly rang. Seeing that it was his mother calling, Jiang Feng sorted out his emotions and picked up the call.


"Where are you? Why aren't you home yet? Xiaoyu has been injured and hospitalized. She needs 30,000 yuan now," Yu Xiumin said anxiously as soon as the call was picked up. There was a hint of blame in her tone, but she sounded more worried and anxious.

"Mom, I..." Upon hearing this, Jiang Feng was shocked and he quickly tried to answer. However, before he could say anything, Yu Xiumin interrupted him again.

"How did you lose the 10 million for the house's demolition? You...

"Sigh, forget it. Let's talk when we get back! Your father and I will think of a way to pay for Xiaoyu's treatment. Hurry up and come home!"

Yu Xiumin's voice contained some anger. But in the end, her anger turned into love as she scolded Jiang Feng. They had already found out about the failure of Jiang Feng's investment. This ten million was definitely a huge fortune for any family. But it was gone in one night. As family members, no one could help feeling uncomfortable. But the thousands of words in their hearts did not leave their mouths. On the other end of the line, Jiang Feng's heart ached when he heard his mother's words. Tears then welled up in his eyes.

"Mom, don't worry. I have a way to pay Xiaoyu's medical fees." Jiang Feng held back his emotions and spoke firmly. The most important thing now was his little sister's health.

However, just as he finished his sentence, Yu Xiumin objected.

"No! Stop messing around. Your father and I will borrow money from our relatives. We can always borrow some money."

As soon as he heard his mother's words, Jiang Feng's mind was filled with images. When he was young, back when his father had been sick for a few years, the family had been so poor that they hadn't even been able to cook. His mother had borrowed money from relatives many times. He still remembered what his third uncle and the others had said at the time.

"You're so poor that you can't even cook. I'm not having a good time either, Xiumin. I just bought my son a Mercedes-Benz. I don't have any money on hand. I still have to pay the car loan."

"How am I rich? The mortgage is 2,000 a month. It's so stressful that I can't even breathe. Don't think I'm dressed well either. I'm actually very poor. Xiumin, you'd better find another family member to help you."

The second aunt had been sitting on the sofa, munching on sunflower seeds. Jiang Feng clearly remembered her strange expression.

"Little girl, what are you doing? What if you break that? Can your family afford to pay for it? You b*stard, hurry up and leave. Your shoes are dirtying the floor of my house!"

The third aunt had slapped his little sister's hand, which had been reaching out to grab some candy. Jiang Feng could still vividly remember her scolding them angrily and chasing them away. Besides, these relatives already knew about his "investment failure". His third aunt, second uncle, and the others had already insulted him repeatedly in the large family group chat.

"@Jiang Feng, you're a coward. Jianzhong, you've really suffered through eight lifetimes of losses!"

"Last night, I asked you to lend me money, but you didn't return the favor. Now, this disaster happened. What a sin. You sure deserve it!"

"Xiumin and Jianzhong have been poor their entire lives. It wasn't easy for them to get a chance to turn things around, but now, they've been squandered by this b*stard. These two poor people didn't have a chance to be rich!"

"It's the fault of a son who didn't learn from his father. Could a coward like Jianzhong give birth to a good son? He's still such a coward!"

The group chat was filled with all kinds of curses. Yesterday, they had been laughing obsequiously, and today, they were scolding their relatives viciously. How could his parents borrow a penny from them? Jiang Feng couldn't believe it!

"Don't worry about it. Hurry back home. Your father and I will think of a way!"

As Jiang Feng was thinking, Yu Xiumin's voice was heard again. After speaking, she directly hung up the phone. The moment the phone was hung up, the crisp system voice suddenly spoke in Jiang Feng's mind.

[Ding! You have experienced the cold and warm side of life. The Divine-Grade Choice System has been activated.]

[Choice 1: Expose the truth, slap everyone in the face, and use money to blind them.]

[Reward: A can of coke!]

[Choice 2: Continue to keep a low profile. Look at the demons and monsters dancing around, post on WeChat Moments to find someone willing to help a person who's down and out, and successfully borrow 30,000!]

[Reward: A limited-edition Pagani Huayra Imola!]

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