After My Ex-Husband Abandoned Me, I Stun the World Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

After My Ex-Husband Abandoned Me, I Stun the World

Meng Huanhuan

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Bai Qian had loved Lu Rong for ten years. When she finally got the pregnancy test, she didn’t expect that she would find out about her husband’s betrayal! When the car crashed on her body, she could hear the driver’s cold, mechanical voice. “Mr. Lu, I’ve done as you ordered. What should I do with the corpse?” On the day that Bai Qian had died, Lu Rong received the doctor’s call and was notified of her pregnant wife’s death in an accident. Six years later, the news of Qi Yue and Lu Rong’s marriage was announced to the world. Bai Qian had also walked out of the airport with her son and daughter. The accident six years ago didn’t take her life, but it ruined her appearance. She had plastic surgery and changed her name, and once again returned after hiding her title as Europe’s top jeweler and joined Lu Corporation as a normal person. This time, she would take back everything that was hers! In the supermarket. Bai Qian said, “Mr. Lu? I’m so sorry, I was looking at your fiancée’s interview and accidentally knocked into you.” Lu Rong frowned. “You know me?” Bai Qian answered with a faint smile. “Who wouldn’t? We all know about your promise to your ex-wife that you would take care of her younger sister forever?” After that, she left behind a curvy afterimage. No matter if it was the way that she walked, or the way she was flipping her hair, it was the same as Bai Qian! When Lu Rong saw the two mini him, he couldn’t hold it anymore. “Bai Qian! Please forgive me! Give me another chance, alright?”


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