Jiang Zhi was dead.

She was 26 years old and still very young.

"Hmm... ah... President Yan... be gentle... This is Jiang Zhi's bedroom..."

"Why are you still shouting it so loudly when you know? Aren't you afraid that she'll turn into a ghost and look for you? Hmm?"

Then, there was another wave of moans and gasps.

Jiang Zhi lowered her head indifferently and looked at the naked couple on the bed.

The man was her husband, and the woman was a minor celebrity.

Over the past few days, as a ghost, she had witnessed her husband having sex with several women.

Jiang Zhi's feelings had turned from grief to numbness. She even wanted to smash his head with a hammer.

After it was over, the woman lay naked in Yan Zhang's arms.

"President Yan, Jiang Zhi is dead. Will you marry me?"

"Stop dreaming."

Yan Zhang scoffed, "Jiang Zhi is dead. In order to retain our relations, the Jiang family will definitely let me marry Jiang Zhi's stepsister very soon."

The woman sighed, "Actually, Jiang Zhi is a good woman."

"Good woman? She's just a puppet of the Jiang family. She's perfect as a dummy. I've never loved her, and now she's finally dead."

Yan Zhang was very disdainful. He thought of something and dialed a number. "Butler! Get someone to come up and throw Jiang Zhi's things out. I don't want to use dead people's things when I get married again. It's bad luck!"

Throw away her things?

Jiang Zhi's dead heart finally wavered again.

The servant quickly went upstairs. She could only watch as her precious items were destroyed and thrown away.

No... No!

That mirror was her mother's relic..

"Stop, you guys stop!"

Jiang Zhi tried to stop them in vain, but they couldn't see her at all. Her efforts seemed very laughable.


The mirror shattered.

The loud sound made Jiang Zhi fall to the ground, and she suddenly woke up.

What on Earth had she been doing all these years?

Jiang Zhi recalled her life. She was twenty years old, a puppet of the Jiang family, and she was married to Yan Zhang.

According to their requirements, she had made herself a perfect socialite.

Flower arranging, golf, equestrian, tennis, Chinese medicine, cooking... she had learned all kinds of skills from the rich and noblewomen, such as zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting to the extreme, to be envied by others, just to make them satisfied.

She also had to silently endure her husband's infidelity and help him clean up the aftermath.

In the end, no one mourned her death. Even her mother's belongings were not preserved!

Her life was like a joke.

"If only I could do it all over again."

Jiang Zhi mumbled and shed a tear. "Do it again. I will never be bound by them again. I will only live for myself."

No one noticed the crying ghost in the room. Soon, the bedroom was filled with the high-pitched sound of someone crying...


Jiang Zhi opened her eyes. The white ceiling was above her head.

"Ah... President Yan... Ah ah ah..."

"Little vixen..."

The crying and panting continued.

Jiang Zhi frowned. She never knew that Yan Zhang was so powerful. When she lost consciousness, it was dusk. It was already noon.

They had been working for at least ten hours. It didn't make sense.

Jiang Zhi was a little irritated. She wanted to smash Yan Zhang's head more and more, and she did the same.


She picked up a handy hard object and threw it at the source of the sound!

After a muffled groan, the woman's scream almost broke her eardrums.

"Ahhhhhh -- murderess!!!"

Jiang Zhi:"????"

She stood up and looked over, only to see a bloody hole in the back of Yan Zhang's head, bleeding profusely. Meanwhile, he was lying on the woman's body, as if he had fainted.

The woman stared at her in horror. "Mrs. ... Mrs. Yan..."

Jiang Zhi was stunned. "You can see me? !"

The woman's expression became even more terrified.

Could this Mrs. Yan have gone crazy?!

Damn it, she shouldn't have trusted President Yan. He said that even if they did it in front of Mrs. Yan, Mrs. Yan wouldn't dare to say anything.

But just now, Mrs. Yan had raised her hand and attacked President Yan with such violence!

Under the woman's trembling gaze, Jiang Zhi was certain of one thing: she could really be seen.

And beside Yan Zhang's head appeared to be the ashtray that she had just thrown over...

She could touch something!

Jiang Zhi was ecstatic. She had been resurrected?!

She raised her hand, eager to touch anything to confirm that she was really alive. However, she touched the calendar on the table.


Jiang Zhi was surprised. She had died in 2021.

Her gaze swept across the furnishings in the room and a guess suddenly flashed through her mind. She asked the woman.

"What year is it?"


The woman became even more afraid and wanted to push Yan Zhang away to escape.

Jiang Zhi's heart beat violently. This was real. She had been reborn, reborn three years ago!

Three years ago, Jiang Zhi had not yet suffered from cancer and was in good health.

And in this life, she knew all the things that were about to happen. She would never allow herself to continue delaying this marriage and let the tragedy of her previous life repeat itself!

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