The heavens had given Jiang Zhi another opportunity to live again...

The first thing to be dealt with was this "husband" of hers.

Jiang Zhi abruptly picked up the fruit knife on the table and forced the woman who was about to escape back with a smile.

"Little sweetheart, don't go yet. Do me a favor."

The woman was almost scared to tears by her. "Mrs. Yan... I was wrong. I wouldn't dare to covet President Yan anymore..."

"No, you're not wrong.

Jiang Zhi took out her phone and turned on the camera mode. "I especially like seeing you and President Yan together. Now be good and turn President Yan over to cover his wound.

"Give him a kiss. Yes... closer... look more natural and don't tremble. Do I look scary?"


Yes, you're really scary!

Snap, Snap.

Jiang Zhi took more than ten erotic photos of Yan Zhang in a row. She put away her phone in satisfaction and took out the divorce agreement that she had prepared long ago from the cabinet.

She had prepared this divorce agreement for a long time, but in her previous life, she didn't have the courage to take it out even until she died.

In this life, she was going to change that!

Jiang Zhi pricked Yan Zhang's finger and stained it with his blood. She placed his fingerprint on the divorce agreement and then pressed her own.

After doing all that, she smiled at the woman. "Alright, call an ambulance and send him to the hospital."

She smiled and gently stroked her neck with her index finger. "Remember not to betray me, or else..."

Then, under the woman's terrified gaze, she left the house.

She wanted to breathe the free air of rebirth.

As soon as Jiang Zhi left the house, she sent the divorce agreement to the lawyer and asked him to do it.

She was definitely getting a divorce!

After letting out a sigh of relief, Jiang Zhi sold Yan Zhang's nude photos to a shameless newspaper and took a million dollars in pocket money.

She compared it and found that this newspaper had made the most money. As for the professional ethics involved, those were not within her consideration.

In her previous life, she had followed the principle of "Don't expose your dirty laundry" and helped Yan Zhang cover up countless dirty laundry. From today onwards, she wanted to completely break off her past self.

The sunshine on the pedestrian street was just right.

Jiang Zhi left the Yan family and had nowhere to go. After buying a set of clothes and a bag, she was finally a little bored.

Should I go back to the Jiang Family First?

As if it knew what she was thinking, her phone rang at this time.

As soon as Jiang Zhi picked up, father Jiang's angry voice came from the other end.

"Where are you?!"


"You still have the mood to shop at this time?! Have you seen the news?!"


Jiang Zhi opened the news app, and on the first page in huge letters read: "Yan Corporation's president sex scandal in wedlock exposed, erotic photos everywhere!"

Below was a photo that she had taken of Yan Zhang today.

Jiang Zhi admired it for a long time, and she felt that she had learned photography well in her previous life. She could feel the erotic aura from the screen.

"Jiang Zhi?!"

When father Jiang heard her silence, he became even angrier. "What on Earth are you doing! ? Such a big scandal, and you, as the Mrs. Yan, aren't helping to suppress it? Don't you care about the dignity of our two families? Didn't those paparazzis blackmail you for cash?!"

Jiang Zhi replied honestly, "No."

After all, the photos were her own doing.

Father Jiang panted heavily. "Get a new blog post up to clarify that your marriage with Yan Zhang is in a good condition! Then immediately head home!"

Jiang Zhi took her phone away. "What? What did you say? Ah... the reception here isn't very good..."

Then, she hung up the phone with a thud and turned it off in one go.

Putting her phone into her bag, Jiang Zhi's expression turned indifferent.

She had planned to go back to the Jiang family, but now she did not feel like it.

After replaying her father's every word in her mind, he only treated her as a chess piece, but why didn't she see it in her previous life?

She had even foolishly protected the face of the two families as her responsibility.

The night fell.

Jiang Zhi stood in front of a bar called "Elk". Through the long corridor behind the door, she could vaguely see the lights flashing inside, and people were shaking their bodies happily.

This was the largest bar in the city. She had come here once to look for Yan Zhang, but she was always in a hurry and never stopped to truly survey this place.

Could it be that a bar could really drown out the sorrows of the most depressed of fools?

Out of the blue, Jiang Zhi took out the SVIP card she had gotten for Yan Zhang in the past and handed it to the doorman.

The doorman saw the card and put on a respectful expression, asking her to enter.

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