When Jiang Zhi returned to the Jiang family, it was already eight o'clock in the morning.

The members of the Jiang family were having breakfast.

Father Jiang, stepmother, and stepsister Jiang Lu were all there.

Jiang Zhi changed her shoes, washed her hands, and walked to the table to sit down. Immediately, a servant placed a set of clean bowls and chopsticks on the table for her.

"Young miss, what do you want to eat? Milk, soy milk, or porridge?"


Jiang Zhi randomly picked one. When she looked up, she saw that Father Jiang's face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

"You still have the mood to eat?!"

Father Jiang slammed the chopsticks on the table. "Where's the clarification that I asked you to post?! Do you know that the affair with Yan Zhang quickly becoming viral on the internet? Where did you go last night? I couldn't get through to your cell phone!"

Jiang Zhi said calmly, "My cell phone was out of battery. Had to look for a place to charge it."

"Then you should have turned it on after charging it!"

Jiang Zhi looked up and smiled. "It's a pity that I couldn't find a place to charge it."

Father Jiang:"..."

"Sister, that can't be right.

Jiang Lu's cell phone rang at this moment. She clicked it open and a malicious light flashed across her eyes. "A friend of mine sent me a message telling me that I met you at the entrance of the Elk Bar.

"You went in yesterday evening and only came out this morning.

"There are even photos."

As she spoke, Jiang Lu put her phone on the table. When Father Jiang saw it, he almost had a heart attack.

"Jiang Zhi! As Mrs. Yan, you actually stayed in such a place for a night! Do you know what the paparazzi will write if they took a single photo of you?!"

Jiang Zhi glanced at Jiang Lu's photo.

It was a very clear shot.

A few photos were taken from every angle. She really didn't believe that it was a chance encounter between friends.

She was followed?

Jiang Zhi nodded and admitted to it without hesitation, "Yes, I went to the bar to find a place to recharge my batteries and also went to look for the beauty that Yan Zhang cheated on me with. Don't I need to give her some money to stop talking nonsense?"

She had always done this in the past.

What a sensible and magnanimous wife she was to help her husband clean up the aftermath.

Hearing her words, father Jiang's expression softened a little and he nodded begrudgingly.

"Have you found her?"


Jiang Zhi said vaguely, "I have indeed found a beauty."

Moreover, the beauty had been very good in bed...

When Father Jiang heard that the crisis had been resolved, he finally softened. "Then upload the post."

Jiang Zhi said casually, "I'll do it as soon as it's fully charged."

Before all the divorce procedures were completed, she did not intend to expose the fact that she wanted a divorce. Otherwise, she would definitely be stopped by the Jiang family.


Father Jiang's expression turned ugly again. After a long while, he said, "I heard that your husband liked watching sexy and hot dances recently. Why don't you sign up for a class?"

Jiang Zhi's expression was subtle. "Are you sure?"

"What kind of attitude is that!"

Father Jiang was furious again. "Even though it's a marriage alliance, you can't even control your own husband. If this gets out, you'll become a joke!"

Jiang Zhi tapped her fingers on the table and thought for a moment. "Alright, I'll go learn it."

She remembered that there had really been such a thing in her previous life, and she really went to learn.

But after she learned it, Yan Zhang fell in love with another type of beauty at the speed of light.

And in this life...


I wonder if the angel of thunder was sexy enough when she beat people up?

A cold smile flashed across Jiang Zhi's eyes.

Jiang Lu watched from the side, her heart filled with resentment. Her father had let this woman off just like that?

Then wouldn't the photos that she had painstakingly found someone to take be wasted?

Jiang Lu looked as if she was confirming it. "Sister, why did you look for someone for an entire night? Did you really not betray brother-in-law?"

As soon as she said that, the atmosphere on the table turned solemn again.

"Why do you care so much about your brother-in-law?

Jiang Zhi suddenly said, "Do you want to marry him?"

In her previous life, after she died, she had heard with her own ears that the Jiang family was going to arrange for Jiang Lu to marry Yan Zhang.

Jiang Lu must have had feelings for Yan Zhang a long time ago, right?

Sure enough, when she said that, Jiang Lu immediately showed a panicked expression. She quickly took back her phone. "No, no."

Jiang Zhi looked at the pictures on her phone and chuckled. "Sister, don't send the pictures to the media with shaky hands, or our family's reputation will be ruined."

Jiang Lu:"..."

That was her plan!

However, Father Jiang immediately took it seriously. Not only did he force her to delete the picture on her phone, he also warned her that if any of the pictures appeared in the media, she would be held responsible.

Jiang Lu was so angry that she almost gritted her teeth.

This b*tch!

How did she become so smart!

Jiang Zhi looked at her indifferently and went upstairs to the bedroom. She threw her bag onto the bed and prepared to lie down.

A business card fell out of her bag.

Lu Mian.

When Jiang Zhi saw this name, she remembered the man's strong physique. An interesting idea suddenly occurred to her and she dialed his number.

The call was picked up quickly. The man's voice was magnetic and sexy. "Why? Have you changed your mind so quickly? Are you going to keep me?"

Jiang Zhi lay on the bed. "Actually, I think you can do some meaningful work besides selling your body."

"Such as?"

"Such as.

Jiang Zhi smiled and said, "Being my coach and teaching me how to beat people up."

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