After My Crush Reincarnated, I Can Hear Her Inner Voice Book

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After My Crush Reincarnated, I Can Hear Her Inner Voice

Shining Gleam

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It was the year 2012, only three months away from graduating high school. Li Yizheng who was studying hard for the high school graduation exams unexpectedly realized that he could hear the inner voice of her crush, Gu Shihui, who sat beside him in class. [Where is this, why am I sitting in a classroom? Shouldn’t it be online teaching already? Why is no one wearing a mask?] [Hubby…… Why are you wearing the school uniform? And why are you getting younger? Cosplay? Reverse aging? No no no, could it be that……] [Could it be that I was reincarnated back in 2012?] Li Yizheng pinched himself, there was too much information there. If this wasn’t a dream, it would mean that —— my dazzling crush was a reincarnator, and she would become my wife in the future! Just as Li Yizheng was totally befuddled and lost, he saw the goddess of a girl whom he dreamt of every day staring at him lovingly, she asked with gleaming eyes, “Ol…... Ol’ mate Li, have you ever heard of Bitcoin?”


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