1 Combat AI

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"I can't take it anymore... Let me go..."


In the dark private room, the young girl's delicate little face was blushing as she pushed him weakly. "Please, Director Wang, I can't drink anymore..."

Beside her sat a few men in their thirties to forties.

All of them were dirty and greasy.

A man held the young girl's wrist and caressed it meaningfully.

"Miss Bai, Fu Heng brought you here specifically to accompany him. If you don't drink, how are we going to discuss business?"

Bai Jing pushed his hand away with a hint of panic on her face.

"Director Wang, what nonsense are you talking about? My boyfriend just went to the bathroom, he'll be back soon..."

Director Wang was impatient.

He pushed Bai Jing onto the sofa and smiled sinisterly.

"Go to the bathroom for half an hour? Don't you understand what he intends? He sold you to us!"

"He said you're still a virgin! Take it off! Let us have a try of the taste of virgins..."


The clothes on her chest were torn open. Bai Jing felt a chill run down her spine.

What are they talking about?

Fu Heng... that boyfriend who claimed to love her, had sold her to this group of bosses?

Bai Jing's heart was in pain. Why? She was a child whose parents didn't love her. After meeting Fu Heng, she thought she had found true love.

But he lied to her!

Her ears were buzzing. Seeing that wretched hand touching her cheek, her brain exploded and she bit down hard on that hand!

"Ah!! My hand!"

Director Wang cried out in pain. He struggled hard, but it was useless. He decided to go all out, picked up the ashtray at the side, and smashed it heavily on the young girl's forehead!


A line of blood flowed down from Bai Jing's forehead. She closed her eyes and fell without moving.


The man withdrew his bleeding hand and gave her another slap. "I originally thought it would be meaningless to knock her out, but this b*tch actually dared to bite me!"

"Forget it, even though she's bleeding and a little dirty, she can still be played with!"

He threw away the ashtray. "I'll go first! It'll be your turn later. Don't mention it, this woman's face and skin are really... F*ck, she seems to be dead!"

Director Wang's entire body froze, and his expression instantly turned extremely ugly.

This time, the others' expressions also changed.

Everyone just wanted to have fun, but they didn't expect that someone would actually die. This was really unlucky.

"Director Wang, what should we do?"


Director Wang immediately made a decision. "Just say that you don't know anything. When Fu Heng comes back, let him deal with the aftermath!"

As he said that, he wanted to leave.

However, in the next second, a thin white hand grabbed his sleeve.

Under Director Wang's terrified gaze, the girl on the sofa slowly opened her eyes.

Her long black eyelashes opened, revealing her glazed eyes. Her gaze was cold and distant, without a trace of human emotion.

It was like... a robot.

Bai Jing woke up and understood the situation as quickly as she could.

She was originally a combat AI from the interstellar era, but she was wiped out during the last interstellar war. When she opened her eyes, she actually entered the world of a book and became a supporting female side character named Bai Jing?

In her storage disk, the plot of this book was completely recorded.

Bai Jing was the first love of the male protagonist Fu Heng. In order to help him, she was willing to sacrifice herself in exchange for his benefit. In the end, she died early and miserably.

While Fu Heng missed her, he also had a complicated relationship with her sister Bai Yue. In the end, the two of them stepped on her corpse and lived happily together.

Bai Jing's eyes were cold.

She was the strongest AI, and someone actually wanted to take advantage of her?

Dream on!

From now on, they had to follow her rules!

So, she had to deal with the scum in front of her first...

Bai Jing only took a second to make a decision. She looked at Director Wang expressionlessly. "What, you don't want to play with me anymore?"

Director Wang was so scared by the "fake corpse" that he almost wet his pants. At this moment, how could he still have the mood to play?

"Get lost!"

He slapped her face. "If you're not dead, then get lost. I don't want to play with an unlucky b*tch like you!"

The sharp slap was caught by Bai Jing with her bare hands.

Her movements were extremely precise, as if a precise calculation.

There was blood flowing down her forehead. Bai Jing stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked it. The smell of blood aroused her bloodlust as a combat AI. She said calmly.

"If you don't want to play anymore, then it's my turn."


Director Wang was so angry that he wanted to curse. Then, he saw Bai Jing raise her foot and accurately kick his stomach!


The man, who weighed more than 100 kilograms, was sent flying by her kick. He knocked open the door of the private room and fell heavily into the hall!


The hall was filled with screams of horror.

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