If You Can't Clinch The Deal, Get Out of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce

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However, when the Old Madam saw all of this, she still felt that this was Lin Wanli's way of attracting her attention.

She was still too inexperienced, so she was anxious to show her own ability.

This was her evaluation of Lin Wanli.

"I still object." The Old Madam said calmly, "Chairman, you heard it too. She has a lot of dissatisfaction with the Lin Family. So, I can't let someone who poses a threat to our Lin Family become the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. What benefits does that have for me?"

"Your Lin Family can withdraw." The Chairman retorted.

"You..." Mrs. Ye was shocked. Was the Chairman really so full of himself? He actually dared to speak to the Old Madam like that.

"Old Madam, it's because you don't dare am I right? I've already said that although I hate the Lin Family, I won't take revenge for personal gain. At most, I'll be professional and won't harm the interests of the Lin Family. Are you so wary of me because you're afraid? Are you afraid that I will turn the Lin Family upside down?" Lin Wanli was eloquent and used words to goad the old lady.

"You are not capable enough."

"We can try." Lin Wanli smiled. "Aren't you waiting for me to say this? Take out whatever good programs you've prepared. It's impossible for your Lin Family to withdraw, so stop acting."

At this moment, the Old Madam felt a little happy talking to a smart person.

"I have a contract in my hand. If you can negotiate it, I'll accept your identity as a business negotiation expert." The Old Madam asked Mother Ye to take out the documents.

However, Lin Wanli did not receive it. She treated Mother Ye like a servant and a subordinate and ignored her.

"Old Madam, the Lin Family has been unable to clinch this case for many years. Are you handing it to me because you want to see me make a fool of myself?" Lin Wanli leaned back and smiled confidently. "Besides, regardless of whether I take this case or not, the Lin Family will benefit from it. You've planned it well."

"If you can't clinch the deal, get out of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce." The old lady directly stated her condition.

"What if I... clinch the deal?" Lin Wanli asked.

"I will inform the entire Lin Family and acknowledge your status as the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce."

"No matter what, the Lin Family will still benefit from it, but... I'll take it." Lin Wanli said, "But I've also said that you will have to pay a price for offending me. I hope that the Lin Family can accept the consequences."

Lin Wanli said as she looked at Ye Zhenzhen.

Obviously, that was her prey.

Was the Old Madam so confident?

The show had just begun.

"Then, for the sake of fairness, I won't let both parties have the opportunity to cheat. I'll share the case that the Lin Family handed to me with everyone." As Lin Wanli spoke, she flipped open the folder that Mother Ye had placed in front of her. "To put it simply, the Lin Group has always wanted to cooperate with the Yue Group, but the Yue Group refused."

"Which Yue Group? The one who has a grudge against the Lin Family?" Director Guan was from the older generation and knew the inside story. He looked at the three people from the Lin Family in surprise. "Old Madam Lin, aren't you too shameless?"

"Didn't she take it?" The Old Madam snorted.

"What exactly is this about?" Secretary Tao asked.

"Back then, the Old Madam and the Yue Group started their business together. However, in the end, the two of them fought over the formula to the point that they went to court. Of course, the Old Madam won the lawsuit, and the Yue Group withdrew from the cosmetics industry and turned to the business of the beauty apparatus. Over the years, because of the popularity of the beauty apparatus, the Yue Group's business has been booming. Everyone has been looking to cooperate with the Yue Group to create a win-win situation, but I didn't expect the Lin Group to actually..."

"Back then, the Yue family swore an oath that they had an irreconcilable hatred for the Lin family. Wouldn't it be more difficult than ascending to the heavens to cooperate with the Yue family?"

"What's right and wrong in the business world?" The Old Madam did not think that it was against her morals at all. "It's just that the winner takes all. If Lin Wanli thinks it's difficult, she can get out of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce now."

"Why is it difficult? The Yue Group is enemies with you. But not necessarily... with me." Lin Wanli smiled and replied, "Haven't you heard that the enemy of your enemy is your friend?"

She was clearly just a girl in her early twenties, but she was able to compete with everyone in the conference room. Moreover, she was not at a disadvantage at all.

At this point, even without the Lin Group's probing, no one would doubt Lin Wanli's ability.

However, everyone still had to wait and see how strong she was.

Of course, since Lin Wanli was talking to the Old Madam as an equal. It meant that Mother Ye, especially Ye Zhenzhen, who was only a director, was very ridiculous.

Look at the entire decision-making meeting. Other than acting and scheming a little, did Lin Wanli give her a chance to show off?

Not at all.

Because she was not qualified.

"Since there's a price to pay, I'll give you a time limit. I'll only give you half a month. Otherwise, if you drag it on for three to five years, won't the Lin Family become a joke with you?"

"Sure." Lin Wanli happily agreed.

"Then we shall wait and see!"

Perhaps it was because Ye Zhenzhen was embarrassed during the meeting, but she was prepared to play tricks. Since she could not suppress Lin Wanli, she could at least disgust her, right?

Therefore, she leaned over and said to the Old Madam, "Grandma, I'm not feeling well."