A Good Show Was About to Begin Again

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After Huo Jiuxiao went out, he did not return until night fell, just as Lin Wanli had expected.

Yan Qiu wanted to continue staying in the children's room, but she was stopped by Lin Wanli. "I still have to go to the manor tomorrow. Go home and rest tonight."

"Master Xiao..."

"He won't be back." Lin Wanli answered.

Yan Qiu nodded, then quietly picked up her bag, turned around, and left the children's room.

Lin Wanli wanted to ask the nanny to rest as well, but Yan Qiu had just come downstairs when she came back with a beautiful woman. Looking at her expression, she was a little unhappy.

The other party was tall and had a good figure. She had long and straight black hair. She was the type that men would be crazy about at first glance.

"Miss Lin, I'm here to get a change of clothes for Master Xiao." The other party said sweetly to Lin Wanli.

Lin Wanli closed the door and answered, "It's in the room opposite. Go get it. I don't know where it is either."

"President Lin!" Yan Qiu looked as if she was the demoness who had brought disaster to the country, and she was a little angry.

The other party smiled and nodded. A few minutes after entering the room, she came out with a bag in his hand. "Then I won't disturb you."

"Wait a minute." Lin Wanli stopped her. "I understand what he means. But if you're the only one who can take care of him, please don't let other women appear by his side."

"President Lin, you... No one can control Master Xiao." The other party frowned and replied.

"I'm not trying to control him, but he has so many enemies. The fewer people he's close to, the better. Also, if you want to take anything next time, just come in. I'll inform the nanny." After she finished speaking, Lin Wanli turned around and opened the door to the children's room.

"Lin..." The girl wanted to say something more, but Lin Wanli had already disappeared at the door.

At this moment, the girl suddenly felt a little lost. Why was she so tolerant and magnanimous? Her subordinate was clearly fuming.

In the end, the girl put away her emotions and went downstairs with her things. There were no clothes inside, just an empty bag. That was all.

She got into the car with a complicated expression. Then, she looked at the man in the back seat and said, "Master Xiao, don't make me do such a thing again. Miss Lin won't fall for it at all."

"Call her Madam." Huo Jiuxiao corrected her lazily.

"Since you care, why are you pushing her away? After you push her away, do you want to watch her marry someone else with your child? You, the great Huo Jiuxiao, let someone else sleep with your woman? Besides, do you know how stepfathers treat stepdaughters?"

Song Huaishu was speechless.

Wow, did this girl want to go to the sewers for a day?

You're just relying on Master Xiao's uncle to protect you.

"Why are you glaring at me? Am I not telling the truth? Even if you throw me into the sewers and I'll still say it."

While the two of them were bickering, Huo Jiuxiao thought of Lin Wanli's previous life. Youran was abandoned in a trash can when she was eight months old.

Lin Wanli's move of retreating in order to advance was really beautifully played.


In the villa, Yan Qiu was supposed to go home, but after the girl came, she was worried and insisted on staying to take care of Lin Wanli.

"President Lin, isn't Master Xiao going too far? You guys are not divorced and he's actually keeping a woman outside. A mistress has entered the house and is showing the wife authority?"

"Yan Qiu, it's not what you think." Lin Wanli replied with a smile.

"The person has already come to our door, but you're still so magnanimous." Yan Qiu had always thought that Huo Jiuxiao was not a good person. He was too terrifying and too cold. He had no warmth for his wife and daughter.

In her opinion, Lin Wanli was too good, so no one was worthy of her.

"Don't use your own moral standards to measure the behavior of others. There are many things that are just different perspectives, do you understand? In your opinion, he deliberately angered me. Have you ever thought about why he did that?"

If he did not care, he could turn a blind eye to her like before.

"Because... He is interested?" Yan Qiu reacted.

Lin Wanli stopped talking about this topic and instructed Yan Qiu, "We'll see what happens tomorrow. Go back to sleep."

Qin Huaijing thought that Lin Wanli was still living in Frandy's manor, so Yan Qiu would wear her clothes and sunglasses tomorrow and drive away in her white Porsche to confuse Qin Huaijing.

The show was about to begin again.