1 What the F*ck is Going On?

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In the not-so-spacious rental house, Lu Chen looked at the game pod in front of him and felt his breathing quicken. This was the year 2050, it was the year when human civilization had made a qualitative leap compared to decades ago.

It was also in this year that the countries of the world joined together to develop an online game — Second World!

Finally, today was the official beta testing time for this game!

It was 7:59 a.m. when Lu Chen checked the time. There was still one minute before the official beta testing time. As of now, the number of people online for the Second World beta testing had already broken through four billion!

The amount of people that had joined was absolutely ridiculous. The game occupied almost half of the global population right now. Moreover, the number was still on the rise, more people were still joining!

The reason why Second World was so crazy was not only because players could experience a whole new world, more importantly, the gold coins in the game could be transferred with the currency of the real world!

This directly overturned the operation of how the financial status in this world worked. This meant that by playing Second World, it could provide many opportunities for one to change their fate!

In the real world, there were very few opportunities to change one's fate. That was why all kinds of forces, big and small, all surged with the desire to make a change.

There were also many veteran players of other games who had formed a union before the game was launched.

Everyone around the world had attached great importance to Second World!

The various game departments in each country were even doing their best to promote this game. It was because this was the only game in history that was like this in the entire Dragon Country.

Even the gaming pods for the players were provided by the capital. The game spread like wildfire, and everyone soon realized that Second World was not as simple as a typical game.

In this online game, even the major countries were ready to fight for resources.

It was so real to the real world and that was why the Second World was worthy of its name.


Once the time reached 8 a.m. the entire gaming pod began to light up.

Let the game commence!

Lu Chen did not hesitate and quickly stepped into the gaming pod. The moment he put on the helmet, everything in front of him began to slowly fade.

What replaced it was a black interface.

The system's electronic voice rang in his ears.

[The system is loading...]

[Commencing iris scan, confirmed as a citizen of the Dragon Country!]

[Data loading... ]

[Information completion completed!]

[Welcome to the Second World!]

[Please enter your ID]

After the system's notification ended, a blank dialog box popped up in front of Lu Chen's eyes.

After thinking for a moment, Lu Chen filled in his ID on it.

[Morning Mist]

Then, the darkness in front of him began to dissipate.

Lu Chen felt a hint of coolness, followed by a bustling noise. These sensations became clearer bit by bit, finally, it turned into a concrete image that appeared in front of Lu Chen's eyes.

"This... is the Second World?!"

Lu Chen opened his eyes and the image in front of him shocked him to the core.

He was in a huge plaza, surrounded by beams of light that were falling from the sky. Countless players seemed to have been transported from another world!

Everyone had joined the game the same as him. All of them were shocked by the game as it felt almost the same as the current world. Towards the sky, a transparent number was marked — 9205.

Lu Chen, who had read the guide on the official website, knew that this was the number of this Novice Village.

He gathered his thoughts and began to walk quickly towards the NPC in the middle of the plaza.

In the early stages of the game, time was of the essence!

There had always been such a sentence on the official website of Second World.

In the middle of the plaza was a white-bearded old man with a hunched body and a rotten cane. When Lu Chen approached the old man, his voice was as old as his age.

"Brave adventurer, welcome. Before you start your adventure and leave this village, I would need to assess you.

"If you can catch three hares for me in the cave outside the village, then I shall acknowledge your identity as an adventurer."

[Ding! You have successfully accepted the mission. Please head to the Hares Cave and hunt three hares for the Novice Village chief.]

[Mission Difficulty: Beginner]

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a class — Adventurer! You may now equip and use simple weapons.]

Lu Chen blinked his eyes and saw that the 'Adventurer' title had already been marked on the position of the class on his interface.

This was the starter class. In the early stages of the game, all players would have this class before they obtained a class change. This class only provided the most basic life skills.

For example, gathering, making a fire, switching basic weapons in his hands.

After accepting the mission, Lu Chen did not stop to wander around and sightsee. He quickly rushed to the Hares Cave outside the village. He remembered that this was an extremely simple mission on the official website.

Even if he stood in front of any rabbit hole, he would be able to catch at least one careless rabbit. Moreover, these rabbits did not have any lethality to them. Even a three-year-old child would be able to survive without getting injured.

Around that time, many people had recovered from their shock. They quickly accepted the mission and rushed out of the village.

When Lu Chen saw more people incoming, he could not help but quicken his pace.

After a few minutes, he arrived at the mouth of a cave. Were one to look inside, all they would see is darkness.

[Ding! An entry-level dungeon has been detected.]

[Danger Level: None]

[Do you wish to enter?]

Without any hesitation, Lu Chen chose to enter. He chose yes as the option and went straight in.

"Huh? It's quite spacious inside."

After entering the cave, Lu Chen found that it was not as narrow as he thought. Moreover, the visibility was not low. Because it was a dungeon, he had been completely separated from the other players. Therefore, he knew that he was the only one in the cave.

Lu Chen stretched out a hand. Within a second, an iron sword appeared in his palm.

It was not too heavy to wield. There was a cold light on it, and it gave off a bright feeling.


Lu Chen's sword struck a stone at the side and sparks flew everywhere.

Fortunately, the iron sword did not break from the impact. Instead, a crack appeared on the stone.

Lu Chen's eyes lit up. This starter equipment was not bad at all!

It was enough to kill wild boars, not to mention, even a few harmless rabbits.

Lu Chen held onto his sword as he ventured forward. When he looked up, he saw a few gray rabbits approaching him.

He could not help but smile and shake his head. This dungeon was way too easy. A bunch of careless rabbits did not know that they were about to be murdered by the human in front of them.

With that, Lu Chen took a step and rushed forward, he raised his iron sword and killed three rabbits in two or three moves.

He picked up the corpse from the ground and threw it into the system backpack.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile!

Mission completed!

He had expected everything to go as planned, this was because he had read the guide!

However, when he quickly walked to the entrance of the cave and wanted to leave the dungeon, the system gave him a notification that made him freeze on the spot.

[Warning! Due to some mysterious reason, you are temporarily unable to leave the dungeon!]

What the f*ck, what the f*ck is this situation?

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