4 Epic-grade Scroll!

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An epic-grade item!

Everyone's scalp tingled from the sight!

In the Second World, equipment and item grades were divided into eight levels — bronze, silver, gold, epic, legendary, mythical, and worldly.

The silver-grade armor that the fat merchant had just taken out was already shocking enough!

One had to know that this was only the second day of the game!

Most of the players were still carrying beginner equipment that the system had given them. 

Not to mention silver-grade equipment, even bronze-grade equipment was rare!

As for legendary equipment, they did not even dare to think about it!

"F*ck, if it wasn't for the Novice Village's protection mechanism, I would have tried to snatch that item away from that kid!"

"This kid's luck is way too good!"

"An epic item, how much would it fetch if it was auctioned off?"

Many people were extremely jealous. Each of them wanted to be Lu Chen right now.

Lu Chen looked at the old village chief and the fat merchant and smiled, "No problem, these wild rabbits are yours."

The old village chief and the fat merchant looked at each other and quickly handed the equipment and scrolls to Lu Chen.

"Kid, I have high hopes for you. Remember to look for me when you arrive at White Fog City."

The fat middle-aged merchant's figure disappeared then disappeared from everyone's sight.

[Ding! You have obtained an epic-grade teleportation scroll x3.]

[Ding! You have obtained brand new silver-grade armor x1.]

[You have obtained the favor of the Vice Guild leader of the White Fog City's Chamber of Commerce. You can enjoy a 20% discount when you trade with NPCs. You can also change your class at the Chamber of Commerce — Profiteer.]

Lu Chen was elated when he saw the system notifications.

The first one was an epic teleportation scroll. It was gray in color and only the size of a palm.

The system had a further elaboration on it.

[Teleportation scroll created by the old village chief. It can be teleported to any corner within a 100,000-mile radius. It can even ignore the dungeon's barrier!]

This was an extremely good item!

Lu Chen was shocked. He could teleport to any place within a 100,000-mile radius whenever he wished.

After becoming an adventurer, all players would have to arrive at White Fog City if they wanted to change their class. On the way, there were all kinds of dungeons and all kinds of monsters in the wild. The journey to reach the city would be extremely long.

The official guide estimated that all players could only arrive at White Fog City in about half a month!

According to the guide on the official website, the first player to arrive at White Fog City would receive a rare title. Moreover, as an online game that was supported by Dragon Country, the first player to do so would receive a special reward as well!

Now, with this scroll, Lu Chen could instantly teleport to White Fog City!

The title and reward were almost certain to be obtained by him. However, Lu Chen did not choose to use it immediately.

The reason was very simple. He needed a certain amount of time to familiarize himself with this game and raise his character's level first. On the other hand, other than him, no one else could reach White Fog City in a short period of time. So he knew he did not have to rush.

Lu Chen put away the teleportation scroll and looked at the second item in his backpack.

[Silver Armor (silver)]

[Level Requirement: 5]

[Intelligence: +15]

[Vitality: +20]

[Defense: +10]

[Magic Defense: +10]

[Health: 60]

[Special Effect: Additional Defense +10]

Having silver equipment was very good, but there was always a level limit before being able to equip it. Right now, his level was only level 1, so he could not equip it directly. With a sigh, Lu Chen opened up his attribute panel.

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 1]

[Class: Hero (You may now change classes to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Axe God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden)]

[Vitality: 5 (Increases 10 health points per health point)]

[Strength: 5 (Increases 10 attack points per strength point)]

[Agility: 5 (Increases 0.1 attack speed per agility point)]

[Intelligence: 5 (Increases 10 mana points per intelligence point)]

[HP: 50]

[MP: 50]

[Attack: 50]

[Defense: 5 (Reduces 10 damage points per defense point)]

[Magic Defense: 5 (Every increase in magic defense reduces damage by 10 points)]

Lu Chen glanced at his attribute panel and made up his mind. His current task was to level up as quickly as possible. Moreover, he really wanted to try out the functionalities of the golden titles he received

After making up his mind, Lu Chen walked out of the Novice Village.

At the same time, videos began to spread across all the major online platforms.

[On the second day of the game, a rabbit-killing monster appeared in the Novice Village!]

Shocking!! A young man blackmailed the old village chief and received a reward of 20 million dollars!]

[Major event! The world's first silver-grade equipment is born!]

[So terrifying! The Novice Village gives out epic-grade items when the game opens!]

The video with these headlines instantly became a hot topic!

The forum was filled with the words f*ck as these players cursed Lu Chen to no end.

"F*ck you, is this kid on drugs? How can he kill so many hares in one day?"

"20 million! I only dropped 10 copper coins after fighting wild monsters all night!"

"20 million is nothing. The most important thing is the equipment and that epic-grade scroll this kid received!"

"Don't you know what rewards the higher-ups have offered to encourage the players?"

"The first player to enter White Fog City will receive 100 million in cash!"

"This is not even counting the rewards like the title of the first player to enter White Fog City in the game!"

"This is a competition to reach there first now. Don't you know what the Second World has in store for us?"

The moment the video was posted. Many fancy words — that shall not be mentioned — were shared between the commenters. At the same time, the top ten hot posts in the Second World Official Forum were all about Lu Chen.

[Outside the Novice Village, number 9025, come and watch the Big Boss!]

[The Night Union is willing to pay 150 million for the teleportation scroll!]

[Bounty operation, target — Morning Mist, experts are welcomed!]

[Outside the Novice Village on the hillside, watch the rabbit-hunting demon dispose of the loot!]

[If I manage to catch that rabbit-hunting demon…]

Unfortunately, Lu Chen did not know anything that was happening in the outside world. Having already walked out of the Novice Village, he was ready to test his skills.

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