After Hibernating for 10,000 Years, I Was Exposed on Television

Lynn had already lived for billions of years! He had seen the prehistoric giant crocodiles and the extinction of the dinosaurs! When Napoleon was exiled to a deserted island, Lynn was there by his side. When President Lincoln was assassinated, he was present at the scene. The last time he had appeared in the world was 20 years ago. That time, he had simply given instructions to some youths and then fell into a deep slumber. When he awakened, to his surprise, his home had become the filming location for the program “Life in the Countryside”. “Grandfather, may we film here in your home?” a youthful woman from the program team asked Lynn. Being in a good mood, Lynn replied, “Sure, but you will need to look after my daily needs!” As the filming went on, the film crew discovered that this old man called Lynn hid secrets that they never imagined!

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It Smells So Good, so Delicious

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After seeing that no one had any intention of eating it, Lynn took a bite of the roast meat. He looked like he was enjoying the taste. He then said, "To be honest, if it weren't for the fact that the taste of the wood was not bad, I would have torn down these beds and made them into skewers for the roast meat."

It was obvious that Lynn despised it. His despising expression was recorded by the camera without any pretense.

Everyone saw the legendary figure in the eyes of the townspeople.

He was supposed to be a figure from 200 years ago. Therefore, it made sense for him to not care about agarwood.

They learned from the townspeople that the old man was the master of the famous General Arnold during the Civil War and that little boy was Arnold's descendant.

He was also connected to the great Roman Empire from 300 years ago.

In the eyes of everyone, Lynn's identity had become a fog.

The little boy did not hesitate to eat the roasted meat.

The corner of Master Morey's mouth twitched when he saw the scene.

That was a skewer made of agarwood and it was a skewer made using 1,000-year-old agarwood that was priceless.

The netizens in the live broadcast room jeered.

"This old man simply treats money like dirt. If someone had destroyed my famous painting that was worth one billion, I would have killed myself a long time ago. I have to pay for it."

"Now there's agarwood and kebabs. How can anyone live like this?"

"That's right. A room full of wooden beds has already killed many of the richest people.".

"This was too much of a bully."

"He's rich. He's just playing... just playing..."

"I just want to know how that expert Master Morey and the big stars are feeling when they see those kebabs."

The little boy's mouth was full of oil as he mumbled, "Great-grandfather has three hobbies. They are smoking, drinking, and drinking…"

The boy saw that Lynn was looking at him and quickly corrected himself, "No! Great-grandfather's three hobbies are chopping wood, lighting fires, and eating barbecued meat."

"Wahaha, are you kidding me? Did you guys hear that? The little boy was obviously going to say smoking, drinking, and drinking."

"That's right, that's right, you heard it right. But grandpa, you're already so old, are you sure you can do it?"

"God, didn't you see that big dunk just now? Even Jaime was dumbfounded, didn't you see it?

"That body is so well-built."

"He still looked at the crowd."

Lynn's enthusiasm came. No matter what, they were still guests. If his guests did not eat and only looked at the owner eating, what kind of impression would that give off?

Lynn gave the little boy a look.

The little boy immediately understood. He took the kebab and handed it over to everyone. He then said, "Take it, eat it. If you don't eat it, you're not giving face to my master."


Kaki took a kebab in a daze. As he smelled the special smell, his stomach churned. If he took a bite, would it not cost hundreds of thousands?

When the little boy handed a kebab to Little Rob, Little Rob's eyes widened. He could not help but ask, "Senior, when I finish eating the kebab, can I keep the skewer?"

Everyone's hearts trembled.

Such expensive agarwood. Could he really give it away just like that?

Lynn said indifferently, "Take it, take it. I have it all. I really don't know why you would want a used skewer."

Little Rob's face was calm but inside, he was ecstatic.

Although it was a f*cking stick, it was sold by the gram.

A stick would weigh more than 10 grams or even more than that. Does that mean the skewer was worth several million?

If he had not seen several million before, he would regard the stick as priceless.

People could not even use their money to buy it.

Little Rob ate a mouthful of meat excitedly.

Suddenly, his eyes widened as he mumbled, "Oh, my God? This is too, too..."

His panting appearance made everyone extremely curious. His facial features were all twisted together.

"Hahaha, this is the first time I've seen Little Rob's expression. Could it be that this roasted meat that was worth a few hundred thousand dollars was not delicious...?"

"Oh my God, this is too delicious. I can't describe the taste."

"F*ck, even a slap to the face can't be that fast. If he were to speak so loudly, he would definitely get beaten up."

"I really want to eat it."

"Yeah, I really want to eat it."

"I still want to eat it. You bunch of country bumpkins, go and eat sh*t. That piece of meat on the skewer is enough to feed thousands of families."

At that moment, Master Bei also took a bite of the barbecued meat.

Everyone looked over at him.

Master Bei fell silent. What did he just do?

He was the main character of survival in the wilderness. Was he truly an awesome person?

He had even eaten frogs, crabs, and even rats. This guy could be considered a super foodie.

"What do you guys think Master Bei will say?"

"Master Bei is probably used to eating raw meat, so the roasted meat isn't to his taste."

The camera shot a close-up of Master Bei's rather handsome face.

Master Bei took another bite of the meat.

Suddenly, two tears rolled down his cheeks. He did not say anything and just ate silently.

"F*ck, Master Bei, can you stop fooling around? What does your crying mean?"

"Is it too delicious, or is it too disgusting? Why are you crying?"

"Isn't it just barbecued meat? Why are you crying?"

His tears made everyone confused.

"It's too, it's too delicious. It's better than all the delicacies I've eaten. It's so fragrant…," said Master Bei with some difficulty in breathing.

"F*ck, do you have to be so dramatic? We have thousands of people watching."

Kaki was also full of smiles. The comments in the live broadcast room exploded.

This was the program effect that he wanted.

Jaime took the kebab carefully. His big hands were trembling.

Jaime's actions of being cautious were simply laughable. He had no choice. He had caused a lot of trouble previously. If he accidentally broke the wooden skewer, what if he had to pay for it?

He could afford to pay for a normal skewer, but what if he had to pay for that particular skewer?

No matter how one looked at it, Lynn was not short of money.

Megan's eating style was the best among the crowd.

"Mmm, it's really delicious. It's my first time eating such delicious food. It's my honor."

Kaki started eating too.

Halfway through the meat, someone in the broadcast room offered to buy a bed.

Kaki knew the identity of the bidder. He could not help but ask, "Senior, are you selling this bed? Someone wants to buy it at a high price."

Lynn took a bite of the kebab and said without raising his head, "I'm selling it. There are six beds here to entertain guests. I don't think there will be many people here on a normal day. If there are too many beds, they will just be left idle."

Then, for the purpose of the show, Kaki dialed the buyer's number in front of everyone.

"Hello, Are you Mr. Buffy?"

Kaki's tone was unusually polite.

"What, Mr. Buffy? The financial magnate who dominated Wall Street, Mr. Buffy?"

"Isn't he the richest man in the world?"

The live broadcast room exploded.

It had to be said that Kaki was indeed a genius. He could perfectly grasp any explosive point.

"It's me, it's me."

"Please, pass the phone to Senior Lynn."

Kaki did not dare to disobey him and passed the phone to Lynn.

"Senior Lynn, it's me. We met 70 years ago. I'm Buffy."

The voice on the other end of the phone stunned everyone.

But why was everyone stunned?

Was it because they knew each other or was it because they met 70 years ago?

Lynn frowned and said, "Buffy, sigh, I'm getting old and my memory is a little muddled. I actually met someone I know! It's actually someone I know. If you want this bed, I'll give it to you."