46 Selling the House

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"What are you doing here?" Caroline took the violet bouquet and was a little surprised.

"I'm moving today, so I want to invite my neighbors to warm my room and share dinner with me." Edwin followed her into the apartment. When he saw the scene inside, he felt a sense of confusion. It seemed like something interesting just happened here.

Caroline's attention was on his first sentence. "You moved here?"

She peeked out of the window and saw a few cars parked in front of the house opposite. A few people were moving things down.

Caroline furrowed her brows. She placed the violets on the table and turned around to look at Edwin with a puzzled expression.

"Edwin, you don't need to go this far." Although she didn't know why Edwin was so persistent with a stranger he had only met a few times, the things he had done in the past few days showed that he was serious.


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