42 Miss Si, Please Remove Your Makeup

Translator: _Min_

After all, Si Fuqing was an artist under Tianle Media, a leading entertainment company, so dismissing her application outright wouldn't be prudent. A formality still needed to be observed.

The assistant finished sorting all the application forms and securely locked them away in a cabinet.


At six in the evening, Si Fuqing promptly exited the training base.

Not far from the base, a black car was parked.

The car was inconspicuous without any identifying marks, and thus mostly ignored by passersby.

Upon seeing her emerge, Feng San immediately opened the car door, "Miss Si, Brother Nine has asked me to take you to him."

Si Fuqing approached and gracefully entered the car, "Let's go, Sansan."

Feng San twitched the corner of his mouth and quickly started the car. 

Thirty minutes later, they arrived at a villa.

"Eh, is Tangtang not here?" Si Fuqing entered and looked around, "Did she go back?"


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