43 An Old Acquaintance From Glenn

Translator: _Min_

The staffer was swamped.

East Moon was actually a new brand launched under the umbrella of Lan.

Lan is a world-renowned clothing and luggage brand, boasting many famous designers.

It was the only company in the Great Xia Empire capable of competing with the luxury brands of the Western Continent Dukedom.

However, since East Moon was a niche brand focusing on traditional styles and newly founded, the Lan headquarters didn't pay it much attention. They simply delegated the work to their subordinates.

Who would have expected Qu Lingyun to personally show up?

And who could have foreseen that Si Fuqing would accidentally get caught in his crosshairs?

The staffer shook his head, his face filled with pity.

Qu Lingyun was not only a director but also a designer.

He had risen to fame at a young age, earning a Glenn Award nomination for his first film at just 22.

He had strict requirements for the faces of his artists.


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