After Giving up, the Fake Young Lady Was Group-Pampered

At the age of twelve, after Yuexin accidentally fell into the pond while feeding the fish, she learned one thing. Her parents were not her biological parents, and her five older brothers were also not her biological siblings. She was a fake daughter of the Shen family! Destined to lose everything she had, Yuexin directly... laid down. If she was doomed to lose everything, why not enjoy life while she still could? "Brother, is managing a company fun? Let me try," Yuexin asked. She wanted to give it a shot while she was still a daughter of the Shen family. She wouldn't have an opportunity like this in the future. "Brother, is acting fun? Let me try." What? Could someone earn money by acting as a dead person? She had to hold this job down! "Brother, is this gun real? Let me play with it." The gun wasn't too bad, but the recoil force was too strong. She needed to try a smaller gun next time. "Brother, will your professor get mad if I go to your research center?" The professor was so handsome! "Brother, this medicine smells good. Let me try..." It's delicious! However, her head felt a little itchy. Was her brain growing in size? On the day the real daughter returned, Yuexin's five older brothers defended her. "Yue, can we keep her? She isn't particularly bright. It's dangerous for her to be out there on her own." The real daughter sneered. She really is a cunning woman. Later, she realized that Yuexin really wasn't that bright at all! Forget it. She can stay...

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It was not easy for Yue Bin to investigate the Lu family's matters. He only said politely, "You can't blame Xiao Yu for this. We were also at fault. I didn't expect such a situation to happen in such a famous school. We originally thought that concealing Xinxin's identity would allow her to enjoy school life. We didn't expect it to turn out like this."

Mrs. Lu hurriedly added, "That's right, Brother Yue. A rich young lady like Xinxin should know her identity and know that she's different from others. Only then can she prevent some people with ill intentions from getting close to her."

Yue Bin wanted to say something, but Fang Jing stopped him. Fang Jing changed the topic. "Doesn't Xinxin usually go to school with Xiao Yu? Why didn't she go with him today?"

The Lu couple's expressions froze and immediately turned ugly. They did not know what had happened this morning. It should be said that they did not care about Lu Yu at all, so they did not notice anything amiss.

Lu Yu was slapped again. Father Lu's expression was ferocious. He had no intention of saving his child's dignity in front of outsiders. "Hurry up and tell me what happened! Why didn't you go to school with Xinxin today?!"

Lu Yu covered half of his face that had been slapped. He was expressionless as if he was already used to this kind of thing. "This morning, she didn't come to pick me up…"

Halfway through his sentence, Lu Yu was slapped again. "Bastard! Xinxin didn't come. Don't you know to take the initiative to look for her? Are you still a man? You're really embarrassing me!"

Lu Yu lowered his head and began to apologize. "I'm sorry…"

Fang Jing couldn't bear to see Lu Yu like this. "Calm down. Xinxin must have some reason for not picking up Xiao Yu. This isn't Xiao Yu's fault. It's already noon. Let's have lunch first."

Father Lu: "Sigh, how can we accept this? We brought Xiao Yu here to apologize…"

"Xiao Yu doesn't have to apologize to us. If he really feels that he did something wrong, let the two children speak for themselves when Xinxin gets home. We, adults, don't have to interfere." After Yue Bin finished speaking, the Lu couple finally quietened down.

During lunch, Yue Bin saw the message sent by Yue Lingchen. The corner of his eyes twitched. This brat!

Hence, after dinner with the Yue family, many people brought their children to report the culprit. However, Yue Xin had not returned home yet, so Yue Bin and Fang Jing could only listen on her behalf.

When the two of them first heard Uncle Wang's report, they thought that it was just a joke among the children. The main culprit must be the teacher who was biased and the principal who disturbed the school's atmosphere. As for these children who had done something wrong, they could just punish them and let their parents bring them home to educate them. Unexpectedly, as more and more reports were filed, they realized that things were completely different from what they had imagined.

"Li Jie was jealous that Yue Xin could go to and from school with Lu Yu every day, so whenever she found an opportunity, she would secretly put laxatives in Yue Xin's food. She made the most noise today. She said that she had to use this opportunity to teach Yue Xin, this shameless slut, a lesson so that she would never dare to approach Lu Yu again."

Upon hearing this, Fang Jing's face darkened. She recalled that Yue Xin would indeed turn pale a few days every month and complain about her stomachache. She had originally thought that the child was on her period, but now that she thought about it, it was very likely because of the laxative. This matter was actually related to Lu Yu. Fortunately, she did not let the Lu family hear it together.

"Li Jie, right? The Yue family will remember this. If the situation is true, we won't implicate innocent people," Fang Jing said.

Upon hearing this, the person who came over was delighted. "That's good. I knew that the Yue family is big and powerful. They will definitely be reasonable. Hahaha."

At this moment, the guard informed them other guests had come to visit regarding Yue Xin. Yue Bin had instructed that as long as it was related to Yue Xin's matter, he would let them in directly. The family who came was also here to report.

"Bai Rui wanted Yue Xin to be his girlfriend, but Yue Xin was good-looking and popular. She didn't like him at all, so he deliberately spread rumors behind Yue Xin's back to make others hate Yue Xin. This way, he could save the damsel in distress. This way, Yue Xin could only rely on him alone. What happened today was also caused by him alone. He just wanted Yue Xin to be bullied."

When Yue Bin heard these words, his face darkened. These children were young, but their hearts were black. They did not study hard all day long, but they had such crooked thoughts!

Yue Bin: "Bai Rui from the Bai family. Alright, I'll remember it."

At this moment, the butler brought another family. It was none other than the Bai family, who had just been reported.

When the Bai family heard Yue Bin's words, they knew that the family in front of them had reported them. They hurriedly patted their son and asked him to explain.

Bai Rui defended, "It's not like that. Pang Lan has always been jealous that Yue Xin is prettier than her, so she took the opportunity to take revenge. Previously, Pang Lan even secretly put the bracelet in Yue Xin's bag to frame Yue Xin for being a thief. I was the one who helped Yue Xin take out the bracelet in advance…"