1 Marriage Contract And Going Viral

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[ Introduction ]

[ Romance between a suit-wearing thug and an evil corporate lady ]

When Su Xianyi fell in love with Lu Shiyuan, she was 19 years old.

She mustered up her courage and said, "Doctor Lu, thank you for saving me. Can I have your number? I would like give you my proper thanks."

The man flicked the ash off his cigarette lazily and smiled at her. He said flirtatiously, "Do you like me?"

Su Xianyi fled in panic.


When they met again.

An elder introduced, "You can call him Uncle."

Facing him, Su Xianyi felt guilty and nervous, and hid her thoughts carefully.

But later..

The man was wearing a black suit and a white shirt, slowly tugging at his tie. Under his gold-rimmed glasses, his dark eyes were breathtaking, and his voice was warm and hoarse. He said to her, "Do you want to come to my house?"


After that, Su Xianyi became famous.

She was infamous for being a reckless and brutal bully, with no regards to gender nor position.

Yet, she looked very innocent and harmless. Even then, she punched above her weight and could do whatever she set out to do, typical of an evil corporate lady.

Her family was of the idea that she was a sensible and obedient child.

As everyone else rolled their eyes at the statement.

Someone suggested that the best way to suppress the incident was to create an even more explosive news, and then..

[ Su Xianyi and Lu Shiyuan are married ] was trending.

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