After Getting Married, My Husband Spoils Me Book

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After Getting Married, My Husband Spoils Me

Beautiful At The Beginning Of The Month

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When they first met, Tang Wan sighed, “The fifth young master of the Jiang family is just as the rumors said. He’s celibate, aloof, prideful, and is a man to be revered. Unfortunately, he’s so smart that he no longer has any will to live, which made him sickly, and he’s going to die soon… Later on, the fifth young master brought her into his room. When she came out, everyone stared at her in shock. Why was she crying? …… Later on, it was said that the fifth young master returned after he recovered from his illness, and he brought a girl back. She appeared pure and harmless, but underneath that harmless appearance, she was actually a spitfire that offended quite a number of people. But the fifth young master just said, “I brought her back, so I’ll let her do whatever she wants. If… anything happens, I’ll take responsibility.” His best friend gave him a reminder. “You’re going to be responsible for someone from the Tang family?” “Since she came back with me, she’s mine. She’s just a young girl and is spoilt. I have to take responsibility.” After Tang Wan married into the Jiang family, she only had one mission. She must give birth to his children before he died! Meanwhile, the fifth young master was puzzled. “You’re a gentle and shy girl during the day, so why are you so different during the night?” Tang Wan thought. ‘I have to make every second count. He won’t be able to live long.’ After she gave birth to his son and he became one year old, Tang Wan was prepared to become a widow. However… ‘Why isn’t he dead yet?’ Much later, the fifth master of the Jiang family asked her, “I heard that you’ve been looking for my death every day. Do you want to kill me by sucking me dry?”


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