1 Pregnancy

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Huo Ru was woken up by the conversation. Why was someone in her house at this time?

"You're so annoying. If it were your sister, she would hate you to death…"

"My good sister, don't you like her a lot? Isn't it more exciting to be under her nose?"

"Oh… It's annoying. Be gentler, baby is frightened by you. He's only 16 weeks old. What if something happens…"

This conversation was like a thunderclap in Huo Ru's heart. Her mind was blank and she didn't know how to react.

Today was her engagement party with Zhou Dong. Zhou Dong had been dating her for five years and had always been obedient, caring, and considerate to her. Now, in order to find excitement, he was fooling around next door. Her half-sister, Huo Yun, had long been secretly pregnant.

Huo Ru's ears rang, and she was dizzy and couldn't find her way. However, her anger drove her to open the door and rush out.

The couple hugging and kissing on the sofa stood up calmly without any panic. Zhou Dong even had the time to help Huo Yun tidy up her clothes.

"Sister, you're awake." Huo Yun greeted her with a smile.

Although Huo Ru already knew what had happened, she had witnessed everything with her own eyes now. All the blood in her body rushed to her brain.

She walked up to Huo Yun in her high heels and raised her hand.


Huo Yun did not dodge. When the slap landed on her, she took the opportunity to lie down on the sofa and cover her face as she sobbed.

"Sister, what's wrong? Why did you hit me? What did I do to make you unhappy?"

She raised her head slightly to look up at Huo Ru. Tears glistened in her almond-shaped eyes as they fell, it was very endearing.

"Why? Are you pretending to be pitiful again?" Huo Ru didn't buy her act. She crossed her arms and said disdainfully, "You've been crying since you were young after doing bad things, you don't have anything to bear at all. Now, you're even more amazing. You're like your mother and you're here to seduce my boyfriend. Indeed, a bitch only gives birth to a bitch!"

Huo Yun cried even harder, as if she was the one who had caught her fiancé cheating.

"Sister, I know you don't like me, but you can't frame me with your fiancé. Why would I mess around with Brother Zhou Dong?"

Huo Ru did not expect Huo Yun to be so good at lying. She said angrily, "The two of you were hugging and kissing just now, and you're telling me that the two of you are fine? Huo Yun, I'm really not that blind. I can see!"

"Sister, what are you talking about? We were just a little closer, that's why you had such an illusion. We were helping you check the guest list for the engagement party, right, Brother Zhou Dong?" Huo Yun said as he sobbed.

Zhou Dong also frowned and said, "Huo Ru, stop fooling around! We were just checking the procedures of the engagement party and we weren't even married yet. Why are you thinking so much? Have you been under too much pressure recently?"

Their shameless rebuttal made Huo Ru so angry that she laughed. "Alright, didn't you say that I framed you? Didn't you suffer? Isn't there a child in her stomach? It's been 16 weeks, right? You can do a DNA test. Come with me to the hospital for a test, I'll see how you can deny it!"

Huo Yun cried even louder, as if she was afraid that she would really take them to the hospital. She stood up anxiously and grabbed Huo Ru's hand. "Sister, I don't want to go to the hospital. There's really nothing between us, just trust me this time…"

"Huo Ru, what's the point of the three of us going to the hospital? Aren't we going to make a fool of ourselves? Stop fooling around!" Zhou Dong said with a dark expression.

Huo Ru shook off her hand and sneered. "Aren't you afraid of anything? Aren't you unrelated? We'll know after a checkup at the hospital!"

The three of them rushed to the hospital. The doctor said suspiciously, "There are no signs of this girl being pregnant."

Despite her words, she opened the test report. After getting the results, she said to the three people waiting, "She's really not pregnant. If she's not pregnant, she can't do a DNA test."

Huo Ru raised his eyebrows in shock. "How is that possible!"

"Don't worry, Miss. I've repeatedly confirmed this result," the doctor confirmed.

Huo Ru's mind was in a mess. Then she realized that the conversation at the hotel was just bait to lure her into a trap.

"Sister, we really didn't do anything. I understand that you're a little nervous about getting married soon, but there's no need to be so paranoid. He's my brother-in-law, what can we do?" Huo Yun cried pitifully.

Zhou Dong also frowned and accused, "Huo Ru, I know you've been in a bad mood these past two days, but you can't treat your sister like this. Xiaoyun has been especially busy with our marriage recently. She's still an unmarried young lady, what if her future boyfriend finds out about this?"

The two of them turned around. If Huo Ru hadn't seen the entire process with his own eyes, she would have thought that she had gone crazy.

"This is the first time I've seen such a ruthless sister. I think it's her fault that her sister can't get married in the future."

"That's right! She doesn't have the ability to control a man, so she's always afraid of him being snatched away."

The patients and their families who were waiting at the side whispered to each other. Similar words entered Huo Ru's ears.

The female doctor who treated them had seen this kind of thing many times. When she heard the discussions around her, she looked at Huo Ru.

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