After Getting Married, I Became The Wife Of The Nation’s CEO Book

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After Getting Married, I Became The Wife Of The Nation’s CEO


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# marryingsomeoneelse # scum-torturing Actress Huo Ru was betrayed by her fiance and younger sister, Huo Yun. The two of them let Huo Ru catch them having an affair, but resolutely denied it in front of other people so Huo Ru would call off the engagement instead. As a result, the family saw her ex-fiance and sister as the victims, while Huo Ru became the unreasonable brat who humiliated the family by randomly breaking off her engagement. Her sister had said, “I’m actually pregnant with Zhou Dong’s child, so what can you do? Either you call off the engagement, or insist on marrying him and see who he would care for after that.” With a cunning glint in his eyes, Zhou Dong added, “Stop fooling around, Huo Ru. You don’t have evidence, so be good and let’s get married. Otherwise, your family won’t forgive you!” At the hospital, Huo Ru grabbed a handsome man who seemed to have been seeing an andrologist. The people around whispered that he only appeared in the department because he had a fertility issue and couldn’t get a wife. “Sir, are you willing to marry me? I don’t mind it if you can’t have kids with me, I only need to show my family that I’m married.” When the man didn’t say anything, Huo Ru explained, “I won’t treat you badly. Since I asked you to marry me, I’ll protect you well. I won’t mistreat you when we divorce too, I would give you a handsome severance package as compensation.” “Sure, I’ll do it.” However, only after their marriage did Huo Ru discover that her salaryman husband was actually a top-notch CEO in the country!


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