10 Godly Devour Skill

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30 minutes after all the hunters were wiped out, the commotion around the prison gradually subsided. The prisoners who had been fleeing in all directions suddenly discovered that the attack had come to an abrupt end. When they gradually emerged from their hiding spots, they found out that the attack had been thwarted by someone.

At that moment, they were excited, emotional, and grateful.

"I wonder who helped us?"

"Is there a very powerful beast tamer among us?"

"I don't get it!"

"Only beast tamers possess such great combat strength. However, there are no beast tamers among us!"

"Then how?"

"Who was it?"

"Who saved us?"

The remaining prisoners in the prison looked at each other.

They then accompanied each other to the shore to relax.

As they were relaxing, they saw Yuchi sitting there, staring at the Netherworld Sea in a daze. They were speechless.

"Big brother!"

"The situation was so dangerous in the prison just now, yet you're still sitting here by the sea in a daze!"

"Why are you in such a good mood?"

"Aren't you being a little bit too much of a blur case?"

The prisoners did not know what to make of Yuchi's apparent obliviousness to the situation, but they were very emotional when they spoke to Yuchi. Yuchi also turned his head and smiled at them in a relaxed manner.

He had no intention of speaking.

The prisoners had no other choice. They could only rely on each other out here. They stayed by the sea and looked out at the green Netherworld Sea with Yuchi.

Although they did not know who had helped them this time, they were sure that the person was on their side.

Since the other party did not want to reveal himself at this time, the prisoners felt that it was inappropriate to ask around for his identity and decided to simply express their gratitude in their hearts!


The next day.

Yuchi went directly to the shore. He sat there with his fishing rod in hand early in the morning. The sea glowed faintly, so there was no need for any lighting.

Just as he was about to close his eyes and rest, a notification appeared in his mind.

[Fishing difficulty level: S]

After seeing the notification, he chuckled.

Each of his attributes were now 400 points. For the notification to state that this was a S-grade capture difficulty monster, it had to be very powerful!

In any case, he wanted to see what kind of existence this creature was.

Yuchi then made a rather terrifying decision.

He stood up and exerted a small amount of force on his fishing rod. It was like patting a tiger's head to wake it up.

This was an obvious provocation on his part.

Sure enough, after Yuchi did that, a ferocious head suddenly emerged from the sea!

There were no facial features on its face but, when it opened its mouth, he discovered that its entire head was split down the middle!

After it split open...

Yuchi could see a deep throat at the end of its head. Its throat was covered in blood and looked quite terrifying.

Its body was extremely long, probably more than 20 meters long, and it had the body of a snake!

It was a huge faceless anaconda!

After that, Yuchi held the fishing rod in one hand while leaping down into the sea, hurling himself toward the sea region where the other party was.


He had actually chosen to fight the creature head-on!

"I'll eventually be dragged into the sea at some point."

"So before I'm dragged into the sea beyond my own control, I should take the initiative to try it out on my own terms!"

If Yuchi had caught an ordinary ancient creature, he could have just pulled it up directly!

Since his own strength was definitely stronger than the monster, he did not want to waste his time fighting the monster.

However, he still encountered the Three-Headed Naga Siren!

Yuchi knew that, one day, he would face something that he would not be able to fish up and would end up being dragged into the sea.

In that case...

He had to make preparations in advance.

The dark green sea water rolled and splashed around him as he dived into the sea with a plop!

Even the faceless ancient creature was shocked by Yuchi's action.

It was like watching a fish trying its best to break free from the hook, and the fisherman randomly jumping into the water with a knife!

What a temper he had!

His actions set off waves under the sea. All kinds of strange flames bloomed under the sea, and bubbles kept emerging from under the Netherworld Sea!

Even if no one could see what was happening under the sea, any spectator would be able to clearly sense that Yuchi was fighting to the death with the thing under the sea!

Blood was everywhere, evidence of the fierce battle below.

After a full 10 minutes, the situation gradually calmed down.

Only then did the strange anaconda gradually stop moving. Yuchi clambered out of the Netherworld Sea, covered in blood and various wounds.

When he dived in, he had been hale and hearty. Now, after coming out, he had a sharp barb embedded into one of his arms.

This barb was the monster's tooth, which had pierced through his entire arm. The barb was more than 50 centimeters long!

Now that he had personally fought and defeated a monster with his bare hands, a satisfied smile appeared on Yuchi's face.

If someone saw the smile on his face, they would definitely exclaim that Yuchi was a madman.

Yuchi moved his body with great difficulty, as he waited for his wounds to recover. He arrived on the shore that he usually fished on and lay on his back while breathing heavily.

His face was covered in blood, and his mind was replaying the battle against the monster in his mind.

The battle had been too dangerous.

The snake was a lunatic. Compared to the snake, the werewolf was as harmless as a husky.

Yuchi had now come to a conclusion.

"First, underwater combat is not like what I thought. It's more like fighting inside a soul space."

"Second, the monster is quite brutal. The power it displayed is no less than the pressure it exerted when I was holding the fishing rod."

"Third, if I dive underwater and kill this thing, it will still have the same effect as if I caught it with the fishing rod."

Yuchi was a fierce person!

He had an explosive personality, but was also quite calm at times.

The reason why he loved fishing so much in his previous life was that only the process of fishing could suppress the temper in his heart.

He then glanced at the illustrated compendium in his mind.

[Catch: Netherworld Sea - Faceless Anaconda]

[Grade: B]

[Attribute: Ghost]

[Skill: Devour]

[Introduction: When dragon scales appear on the Faceless Anaconda's face, it will transform into a dragon!]


It turned out to be an ancient B-grade monster. No wonder it was so difficult to defeat. Just now, half of his body had entered the monster's throat, and he had to rely on the Hellfire to blow it up.

Looking at this monster's introduction text, Yuchi also recalled a legend.

If dragons evolved step-by-step from snakes, did this mean that snakes first became anacondas, anacondas became flood dragons, and flood dragons finally became full-fledged dragons?

In that case, the faceless anaconda was not some nameless monster.

As for the devour skill?

What was this skill? Would it allow him to replenish his strength just by eating something?

Yuchi did not understand.

He then replaced the original bite skill with his new devour skill.

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 1400]

[Strength: 1400]

[Speed: 1400]

[Skill 1: Devour. A Faceless Anaconda can devour its prey and gradually evolve itself, resulting in a permanent increase in strength.]

[Skill 2: Gluttonous Mouth. Use the Nightmare's mouth to bite others, causing great pain while restraining the enemy.]

[Skill 3: Hellfire. Hurl clusters of blinding hellfire to burn your enemies like maggots!]

[Skill 4: Parasitism. Create a parasite that can burrow itself into the enemy's body to suck away their vitality!]

Yuchi realized that his strength had increased by 1000 points in an instant. This was quite shocking. The result of his fishing this time was simply ridiculous. It actually increased his attributes by 1000 points! However, when he saw the description of the devour skill, he immediately did a double take!

He muttered to himself, "This devour skill does seem a little strong!"

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