1 Showing Off and Backfire

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Tap tap tap tap...

"Hmph... Hehehe ... Hahahahaha..."

Liu Yuan typed on the keyboard and could not help but laugh smugly. The dark circles under his eyes on his haggard face looked particularly terrifying under the pale light of the computer.

On the computer screen in front of him was the interface of Shangyang's game forum.

And he was about to post his latest conquering strategy guide, which was a guide on how to 'conquer' female NPCs.

'Shangyang' was a domestically-produced Xianxia-themed MMORPG, which was also a large-scale online role-playing game. It was the only game under the newly-launched game company, 'Tiandao Games'.

It was also the most popular online game in recent years, with the highest number of players online at the same time, reaching a total of ten million players at once.

From adults in their forties to four or five-year-old children, everyone had come into contact with this game!

This game was different from other mass-produced, low-quality online games or games that cost money to even breathe. It was a genuine domestic game. Not only were the graphics and special effects excellent, but the background story was also very good. The modeling was first-class, and the AI computing power of the NPCs was also extremely impressive. The game presented an almost complete sandbox world of Immortal Heroes, or Xianxia, to the players.

In addition, there were a variety of interesting ways to play. There was a card collection function similar to mobile card games, and even a dating sim conquering strategy system. Moreover, the balance was perfectly achieved, so it was no wonder the game was so popular.

Liu Yuan was a conquering strategy maniac who turned an online Xianxia game into a dating sim.

He had just posted on the forum about the game's strongest and most beautiful 6-star female character, 'Path Master of the Sea Slashing Tower, You Su.' Along with the post was a portion of the conquering strategy guide.

[Help! I'm a newbie seeking advice! Although I don't know what happened, I think I got a new character. What should I do with her?]

The attached picture on the post was an 'Embroidered Bed Lock Dragon'. it was a beautiful woman with white hair, and she was half-naked in her neat and solemn black clothes, half-lying on the colorful embroidered bed. Under the messy clothes, one could vaguely see the two snow-white slender legs and the dark Iron shackles on her slender ankles.

She bit her lip, and her cold expression revealed a trace of shame and anger. The dark blue scales on her neck and collarbone were exposed, and her silver eyes looked out of the screen with mist and tears.

Although it was just a 2D picture, it was still breathtakingly beautiful.

Liu Yuan also added, "Actually, this is only the first picture. There are still a few more... However, everyone knows I won't release them! (Smiley face) I'm a newbie who doesn't understand anything, so I'm here to ask the big shots for advice!"

"You're a newbie, you look too young and childish. Let me tell you, in this situation, you should... Wait, sorry, my chest hurts a little. Maybe I'm going crazy because of jealousy. Quick, get me some quick-acting cardiac pills."

"Hahahaha, the commenter above is the real newbie! When I saw the OP's ID, I knew that things weren't so simple! He's here to show off!"

"The Boss is pretending to be a newbie again. Damn it."

"Ah, that's my kind of woman!"

"Ohh, she's so beautiful, even if she's on someone else's bed... Sob, sob, sob"

"F*ck! Mom, come here and have a look at this 6-star girl! She belongs to the f*cking God of Conquering Strategy! I don't have a 4-star card in my entire account. I can't believe I'm seeing the game's first 6-star character's conquering strategy guide post today!"

"Junxuan... This ID looks so familiar."

"Hey man, of course, it looks familiar. He's the first player in the game to start conquering NPCs, the first publisher of conquering strategy guides, and he's in every star-level character's conquering strategy guides. He's the first in most things, most of the time!"

"It's this Junxuan again. That's enough. He's getting all the good stuff. I'm about to die of envy here."

"I remember! It's that conquering strategy maniac! I was wondering why he didn't come out to show off for so long. So, it turns out that he's preparing the big guns!"

"Hehe, so be it. Who are you putting on an act for? It's really disgusting."

"The person above, don't be so obviously jealous. OP clearly spent a lot of effort to obtain this card... Although I don't really agree with this method of deceiving people and intentionally hurting them..."

"That guy is showing off, and it will backfire on him!"

"Those who show off their cards will die!"

"You're right, I'm sure you know how difficult it is to tackle characters in the game. Not only will there be various key options and character-specific plots, but there will also be various puzzle-solving and combat segments. There are even questions that players have to answer by themselves."

"I see. Thank you for explaining, Big Brother. The newbies here have learned a lot!"

"That's right. According to the official explanation of Tiandao Games, these answers will be calculated by the AI and the character's reaction will be shown. Everything will be in real-time. Sometimes, one wrong answer will mean a new attempt. The higher the character's star level, the more difficult these segments will be, the longer and more complicated the storyline will be, and there will be a series of chain missions."

"I have to say, Lord Junxuan is awesome!"


Liu Yuan hummed a song and was in a very good mood. Even his mouse movements were light and agile. Every few seconds, he would refresh the post. The comments on posts were increasing at a rapid rate, and it quickly broke through 1,000 comments.

The speed at which they changed the topic was as fast as ever, and many players began to fight among themselves, with the smell of gunpowder in the air.

After the forum's management appeared, a wave of posts was immediately deleted. The management privately messaged Liu Yuan and changed the title of the post to a normal conquering strategy guide post. In essence, they hoped this thing will settle down.

However, the topic created by Liu Yuan's incident continued.

"Hehe ... The first 6-star character is only the beginning! Even though it is the strongest character in the current version of the game, there will be new journeys when more updates come along!"

Liu Yuan's eyes were filled with confidence and ambition as he clenched his fists. He felt that even though he had stayed up late for a month, he was still very excited!

He was so excited that his heart was beating faster and faster!

Then, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart.

"F*ck... What's... Going on..."

Liu Yuan clutched his chest, gritted his teeth, and muttered with difficulty. His hands clenched into fists and he fell on the keyboard.


Darkness quickly came, and his consciousness dissipated and regathered.

"Sob, sob..."

Liu Yuan was woken up by a burst of crying. He frowned and opened his eyes. The light that entered his eyes was a bright red. It was hazy, and his vision was not very clear.

He blinked, and the scene in front of him gradually became clear. At the same time, he felt that he seemed to be sitting.

A young girl who looked like she was in her prime knelt in front of him, wiping the red corners of her eyes with her white and tender hands. Tears rolled down her fair and beautiful cheeks. She was crying very sadly, and the red wedding dress on her slender body spread out like flower petals on the bed.

Why did this girl look so familiar...?

Liu Yuan was stunned. He looked around in a daze. It was all antique wooden furniture. The decorations were girlish, and the bead curtains were hanging. It looked like a boudoir.

What ... What is going on? 

Liu Yuan's eyes widened in confusion. Countless guesses flashed through his mind, and he finally fixed his gaze on the word 'transmigration'!

He quickly turned his head to look at the girl, staring at her face, trying to distinguish something. After a few rounds, Liu Yuan's expression changed. He looked down and saw a small mole on her neck!

A conversation flashed through Liu Yuan's mind.


"You said that you really, really like me. Is that true?"


"Alright then ... Tell me! Do you remember how many moles I have on my body?"

"Three, one on the face, one on the neck, and..."


It was a conversation he had with the first NPC in Shangyang, the youngest daughter of Gu Feidao, the owner of Chiyu Villa in the novice village!

He had transmigrated, he had really transmigrated! Moreover, he had transmigrated into a game!

Liu Yuan trembled as he pinched his own thigh, trying his best to calm himself down. His heart was filled with confusion, excitement, and fear. His heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to explode from his throat.

Gu Siyin was only focused on crying and did not notice Liu Yuan's abnormality. She raised her head with teary eyes and said firmly, "Brother Junxuan, I won't marry him. I'll only spend my entire life in the nuptial chamber with you!"

Junxuan... That's my game ID, right?

Liu Yuan felt a premonition. He looked up and saw a full pink progress bar above the girl's head.

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