360 I Love You (Finale)

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The most ridiculous thing was that Ben had even sent K away just to remove a thorn in his side.

Wu Mei was in so much pain from being hit that she felt that her ribs were about to break, but she still said mockingly, "Hmph, stop dreaming. M has never trusted you."

"Who would believe a man who killed them?"

Ben was furious, but he refused to believe Wu Mei's words.

Li Nanchen's voice came from her earpiece, causing her to lose focus. Ben punched her and hit it aside.

Ben aimed the gun at Wu Mei again, but there were no more bullets.

He was kicked in the chest by Wu Mei, causing him to vomit blood. He tried his best to raise his head to see Wu Mei's face.

"W-who taught you your martial arts?" Ben felt that Wu Mei's moves were all too familiar.

He used to think that it was very similar to M

Wu Mei bent down and said provocatively, "M. M only trusts Bi Fang and me."

Ben tried to fight back, but Wu Mei knocked him out.


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