They've Come

Upon hearing this, Zhouzhou took a sharp breath and suddenly realized just how terrible those people were. Although she didn't know what they had done, her dad's words confirmed that they had committed heinous crimes. Thinking about the bloodthirsty aura emanating from them, she couldn't help but hold Qin Lie's hand and advise him, "Dad, you also have to be careful around those people. They've taken lives."

Qin Lie's aura suddenly diminished upon hearing her words, but his expression remained unsurprised. Zhouzhou had been watching him the whole time and didn't miss this detail. She found it strange and asked, "Dad, you knew about this?"

"Yeah," Qin Lie didn't hide it from her and nodded, tightly pursing his lips. His expression was tense, and he seemed on the verge of rage.

Seeing this, Zhouzhou furrowed her brows. Did those people also try to kill her brother? Her heart sank at the thought. What had they done to her brother?