It's Over, Rich Lady Becomes a Broke Lady

Ye Lingfeng walked over without beating around the bush and said directly, "I'll give you one billion, sell me the bracelet."

Upon hearing this, Qin Lie raised an eyebrow, lightly parted his thin lips, and said, "Not for sale."

After speaking, he ignored him and walked away without looking back.

"Dad, I think we can sell it," Zhouzhou's ears perked up, and she instantly became obsessed with wealth. She tugged at his ear and said, "We spent fifty million, and the Sharp Tongue Uncle wants to buy it for one billion. We'll earn fifty million in an instant."

As she spoke, her eyes sparkled even more.

Qin Lie looked at her serious calculation and chuckled, saying, "This one is not for sale, no matter the price."

Upon hearing this, Zhouzhou felt puzzled and asked, "Dad, do you like this bracelet so much?"

Qin Lie wanted to explain, but he felt that it was hard to make it clear, so he casually nodded and said, "Mm."

Oh, I see.