Has He Been Cuckolded?

With a lick of her lips, Zhouzhou tucked the rice from the corner of her mouth inside, saying, "It was me."

Grandma Huo felt as if the world had turned surreal.

The two little rascals remained oblivious, each uttering their piece to complete the narrative.

Huo Ji'an spoke first, "When I first arrived, I didn't eat. Chubby girl wasn't enough with her food, so she ate mine."

Zhouzhou chimed in, "I didn't eat for nothing, you know. I used medicine as payment for meals."

Huo Ji'an continued, "At first, I thought she was joking, so I didn't eat. But later, chubby girl swapped my medicine for a fragrant one. It made me hungry at night, so I started eating."

This was something Zhouzhou was unaware of.

She turned to look at him, wearing an expression that said, "So, you didn't trust me."

As they discussed this, Huo Ji'an began to feel somewhat guilty and promptly shifted the blame, "Uncle Sweetie stopped me from eating. He said we shouldn't eat random things."