Don't Come Back If You Lose!

Receiving her "reward," Zhouzhou was immediately encouraged. She ran up to Huo Ji'an and Lu Zhaozhao, asking, "Little Skinny Pole, Zhaocai, did you think my singing just now was good?"

Though she asked the question, she already stood with her hands on her hips, proudly showing off her chubby chin, her face clearly expressing "praise me" in big letters. Lu Zhaozhao, holding onto her clothes, looked at her hesitantly. She wanted to tell the truth but was afraid of hurting her friend's feelings. She glanced at Lu Yanyu and Ban Shiyi for help.

However, her brother and sister-in-law just stood by, watching the show with amusement, without any intention of stepping in to help. With a pained expression, Lu Zhaozhao looked back at Zhouzhou.

Before she could answer, Huo Ji'an quickly slipped a coin into her hand. Lu Zhaozhao, having no money, thought for a moment before handing over her hairpin.