As Long as There's No Hair, Hair Won't Fall!

The little girl had just rubbed her nose, making it red, and her swollen eyes hadn't subsided yet. She looked up at him with her white little face, and Qin Ren's heart instantly softened. He had only just returned home and learned about what had happened. It was somewhat amusing to him.

He never expected the two little ones to be so capable, actually creating Perfect Score Talisman talismans. If he hadn't consistently scored full marks in his exams, he would have been tempted to try them out.

Seeing the amusement in his eyes, Zhouzhou's gaze became even more pitiful. "Eldest Brother, you're making fun of me."

She was in such a miserable state, yet he was still laughing.

Qin Ren felt a bit guilty and coughed lightly, turning his head to look at her. Seeing the pitiful little chubby face and remembering the mischievous things she had done; he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Zhouzhou's eyes widened, her cheeks slowly puffing up. "Eldest Brother!"