129 This was simply too insulting

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Shi Qingluo's lips curled up when she saw Liang Youxiao and Third Son Shi's shocked expressions.

She then looked at her young husband. 

His eyes were calm and he revealed a smile. 

As expected, her husband was a big shot and such matters wouldn't surprise him.

She said to Third Son Shi, "Elaborate what I've said with more benefits yourself to Fourth Son Shi."

She added, "Also, let the old Shi family know how much Fourth Son Shi would benefit after marrying the Wu family's illegitimate daughter."

Even though the Shi family's troublemakers behaved like a weakling in front of her, that was only because she had treated them with the earth bombs and vines the moment she arrived. 

She had freaked them out first.

Otherwise, the Shi family's combat strength would not be so trivial.

When Old Lady Shi and the others started throwing tantrums, they were no weaker than Old Lady Xiao.


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