302 Still managed to catch the show

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Liang Yulin naturally would not say that he was here to watch the show.

He smiled gently. "That's right. I live next door. I heard that your family had also come here, so I thought of coming over to pay a visit.

"My royal brother said that you are the divine doctor's disciple and that your medical skills are very good. I'll have to trouble you to help me with my recuperation from now on then."

Xiao Hanzheng smiled. "You are flattering me, Your Highness. I will do my best to assist you with your recuperation."

He did not like to do things in a sloppy manner. "Then, Your Highness, shall I take your pulse now?"

Liang Yulin nodded and smiled. "Sure!"

He extended one of his arms over.

Xiao Hanzheng walked to the seat beside him and sat down. 

He could smell the fragrance of ink mixed with medicine smell on his body.


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