40 Dig a hole first

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Shi Qingluo was too lazy to use violence to suppress the troublemakers from the old residence.

How could they be the only ones to experience living with these troublemakers?

No matter what, they had to let that scum father and that jinx "enjoy" them.

If there are people who wanted to disgust them, she would return the favour and make them feel disgusted.

The more Old Lady Xiao and the others listened, the more reasonable it sounded.

Although they also understood that the wretched girl was trying to sow discord, this was also the truth.

The two of them lived well, dressed well, and ate well in the capital, while they continued to live a miserable life with mud on their legs. 

What gave them such entitlement?

Old Lady Xiao thought for a moment and asked, "If we really sue them for being unfilial, is it possible? He's a senior general."

Actually, they had thought about this before, but they were afraid that if they went to the capital, no one would care about him, and they would be punished since he was a senior general. 

That wouldn't be good.

Shi Qingluo nodded. "It will definitely be successful!

"There is a place called the Jingdou Magistrate in the capital that specialises in these matters. You can just beat the drum to file a complaint.

"There is also an imperial censor that specialises in keeping an eye on the officials' families to see if they have made any mistakes. Once he finds out that a general is unfilial, he will definitely investigate him.

"That means that the imperial censor will report him to the emperor.

"So as long as you use filial piety and his role as the elder brother in the house, you will definitely be able to sue him."

The higher one stood, the more careful one had to be.

Their scumbag father was now considered to be top ranked among other military officials, so there must be censorates keeping an eye on him.

Old Lady Xiao looked at Shi Qingluo in astonishment. "How do you know so much?"

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows. "Old Lady, don't you know my identity?"

Old Lady Xiao was stunned. "What identity? Aren't you the daughter of the Shi Family?"

Shi Qingluo bragged, "I'm still the disciple of that old immortal who ascended to immortality! In the past, he was admired and revered by many in the capital.

"If it wasn't for immoral cultivation, he wouldn't have come to Nanxi county. He was highly respected when he visited the capital.

"He knew so many high-ranking officials and noblemen, so he naturally knows these things. I also heard them from him."

Old Lady Xiao and the rest thought for a moment. 

That's right. That old priest had become an immortal. 

In the capital, his status was high, so he would definitely be highly sought after. 

It was very normal for him to know more than others.

This wretched girl was the disciple of the old immortal. 

No wonder she knew so much and was so talkative.

Shi Qingluo continued, "Besides, my husband is also an elementary scholar. I've heard of some of the situations in the imperial court."

After she said that, she gave Xiao Hanzheng a knowing look. "Right, husband?"

Xiao Hanzheng really didn't expect that this was what his little wife meant when she said that she would settle the troublemakers from the old residence.

However, he had to admit that she really hit the nail on the head.

In fact, he had originally wanted to encourage the old lady and the others to go to the capital.

This way, he could disgust that scumbag father and that woman. 

Secondly, these people would no longer ruin his chances of entering a school in the county like in his previous life.

However, it was obvious that his little wife was more eloquent. 

He also disapproved of the troublemakers' behaviour in the old residence.

He nodded and said, "That's right. It's expected that a son would take care of his old parents. Therefore, as long as you use filial piety when you go there, they can only pinch their noses and admit it."

Then, he added meaningfully, "Furthermore, a relative of one of my classmates is also on duty in the military, so I heard that that woman isn't a daughter of an official.

"Instead, she's the daughter of my ex-father's subordinate. Now, she's an orphan daughter whose parents have passed away and has a younger brother and sister to take care of."

He did not directly reveal the incestuous relationship between his scumbag father and that woman. 

He wanted to reserve this for himself.

Shi Qingluo realised that it wasn't tiring to pair up with her little husband. 

He was completely able to keep up with her pace. 

This was very good.

"That's why, an orphan girl like her is actually riding on an old lady's head to do whatever she wants. This is simply outrageous.

"After you go to the capital, you have to let her serve you well and show respect to you. Otherwise, she will be unfilial.

"If she dares to obey in public and disobey in private, you can go to the entrance of the general's residence and scold her for not respecting and being unfilial to her mother-in-law, and looking down on you guys."

"The people around the general's residence are all nobles. Everyone will know when you scold them.

"I guarantee that she will immediately beg and coax you to go back. You can take this opportunity to achieve your goal."

That woman's identity wasn't glamorous, and her background wasn't great. 

Therefore, in her heart, she definitely hoped to obtain the recognition of the nobles and ladies in the capital.

If the news that she was unfilial to her in-laws spread, others would definitely criticise her.

Mdm Wang and Mdm Wu both agreed and encouraged her, "Mother, that's right. You are her mother-in-law. It's only right for her to serve and respect you.

"Whose daughter-in-law doesn't serve her mother-in-law? She's only an orphan, and she's already taken care of."


She was the daughter of a general's subordinate, an orphan whose parents were both dead and had a brother and sister as a burden. 

She was not even considered an official's daughter, and they were almost fooled.

Shi Qingluo added, "My master said that in the capital's big families, the daughter-in-law has to prepare dishes for the mother-in-law. Otherwise, it would be unfilial."

Old Lady Xiao had heard of this before. 

In the big families in the county, it seemed that a daughter-in-law had to prepare dishes for her mother-in-law.

It turned out that the people in the capital paid more attention to these knitty things. 

Then, it would be easier for her to control that little hoof.

Who was the daughter of some official? 

It turned out that she was just putting up a show.

She was just an orphan girl. 

What right did she have to enjoy everything that her son earned?

She, his mother, was suffering in the village. This was unacceptable.

Second Son Xiao, that bastard, was also a good-for-nothing. 

He was already so successful. 

Not only did he not be filial to his parents, but he also didn't bother to pull brothers and nephews along.

He even lied to them that he did not have a good life in the capital.

She said with some embarrassment, "But our second son doesn't want us to enter the capital!"

Before their second brother was about to leave after paying his respects to the ancestors, she and Old Master Xiao had mentioned several times that they wanted to go with him. 

Their second son either lied to them or insisted that they stay in the village.

He even threatened them with his eldest and youngest sons. 

At that time, they were also afraid of their second son's identity as a senior general, so they tolerated it.

Shi Qingluo came up with an idea. "Of course, we can't let him find out first. Otherwise, he'll definitely think of a way to stop it."

Seeing the old lady's ugly expression, she added, "Even if he wants to be filial to you, that woman doesn't want to! As soon as the wind blows onto your pillow, you'll have to stay in the village."

She knew that in his parents' eyes, no matter what happened their son will always be the obedient one, so she let that outsider take all the blame.

In any case, when the old lady went to the general's residence in the capital to stir up trouble, that scumbag father would also be displeased, and would be very tired moderating the relationship between the two parties.

As expected, Old Lady Xiao said with a face full of agreement, "It was that little hoof who instigated me. She is too evil."

She did not want to admit that it was her son who was unfilial and claimed that it was the woman's fault.

Let's see how she will deal with that shameless little hoof after she goes to the capital.

Shi Qingluo knew that she successfully angered that old lady.

She continued, "I heard that that woman's younger brothers and sisters are all raised in the general's residence. 

"Furthermore, her younger brother has been given a good job by the senior general.

"That's why she doesn't want you to enter the capital. She wants to bring all the benefits to her family."

"She doesn't want to serve her mother-in-law either. She just wants to treat all of you to a few meals, and you guys are still satisfied and happy.

"She might be laughing at your stupidity in the capital right now."

They had to dig a hole first before Old Lady Xiao and the others could jump in, then voluntarily concluded that she was an eyesore and started finding fault with her.

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