1 Marrying a Tyrant!

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"The emperor killed someone again today. This time, it was a little palace maid who disturbed the emperor's afternoon nap. She was beheaded and her skin was peeled off."

"I saw it when I came over. That broad's skin was left hanging on the main hall. Her blood was everywhere. It was too terrifying."

"I saw it too. It was fluttering around like a kite…"

Su Nuan sat on a soft couch with a red bridal veil over her head. She heard the whispers from outside, and it made her hair stand on end.

Her fair and slender hands gripped a handkerchief tightly.

She was afraid too, but what was the use of being afraid? No matter how afraid she was, she had to follow through with the plot and marry the little tyrant.

The little tyrant was the biggest villain in the book. He was even more vicious than his father, who was dissolute and cruel during his lifetime.

Her original host's body, the little princess, was sent to the palace for a peace-making marriage; she was killed on the third day.

She felt sorry for the little princess when she was reading the book.

However, she became the tragic cannon fodder the next moment she opened her eyes.

Even though the little tyrant was only 13 years old, she had already died twice because of him ever since she transmigrated into the book.

The first time she died, she was not fully aware of her situation. She thought that she could lead a carefree life in the palace as long as she did not anger the little tyrant.

She was unlucky. A day after transmigrating into this world, she was playing on a swing. There, she had accidentally flung herself off and collided with the little tyrant. She was instantly sent flying by his kick.

As a result, she crashed into a wall, hit her head hard, and died on the spot.

On her second revival, she had thought that she would be able to survive by hiding from the little tyrant. Who could have imagined that someone would push her into a well and caused her to drown on the third day at the palace?

This was her third rebirth.

According to the plot, even if the little tyrant had not kicked her and caused her to die after crashing into the wall, nor had she drowned after being pushed into a well, she would still die at the hands of the little tyrant on the third day.

And even if she was lucky enough to survive, according to the plot, brutality and anguished wails would fill the lands by the time the little tyrant conquered the nations. The male protagonist, who had been secretly plotting against the little tyrant, would launch an attack on him—shredding his body apart on his 23rd birthday.

As for her, as the emperor's concubine, her fate was entwined with the emperor. She was to be buried along with him.

In short, despite being only a 10-year-old girl, she could not afford to let down her guard in the Imperial Palace, where people were avaricious, savage, and ruthless.

If she did not want to be killed, she had to win the future tyrant's favor and ride on his coattails to reach happiness in her life.

If she did not want to die with him, she had to protect him from dying.

Lastly, she not only had to win his favor but also had to make him into a wise ruler.

Perhaps she would be able to get out of the book if she survived until the end.

The sound of bead curtains rustled.

She knew that the little tyrant had arrived.

Even though he was only 13 years old, he was already frightening.

She was not sure if it was a psychological effect, but she could feel the faint stench of blood in the air when he entered.

Su Nuan straightened her back and held her breath, concentrated. She waited for him to approach her.

On her previous rebirths, she narrowly escaped death on her wedding night because the little tyrant left after lifting the red veil.

However, she had to be more proactive this time to conquer the little tyrant and survive until the end.

She knew it was time when she saw the pair of black shoes embroidered with a dragon in front of her.

She threw herself into the little tyrant's arms just as he lifted her veil.

The young boy was very thin, and she could hug him with both arms.

He smelled faintly of ambergris. It was especially pleasant, unlike the stench of blood she had imagined.

Feng Junyi was stunned when Su Nuan hugged him. He furrowed his thick eyebrows.

He pushed the delicate little girl away mercilessly.

"How dare you."

Su Nuan fell to the ground, and the red veil flew off her head. Before she could clearly look at his face, her eyes stopped at his hand that gripped the sword hilt.

He's going to kill me!

It would be a lie to say that she wasn't afraid.

Su Nuan was so nervous that her heart almost jumped out of her throat, but she still braced herself and rushed forward.

Her small hands clasped the little tyrant's hands tightly as tears welled up in her large eyes. She bit her red lips lightly and whimpered, "Big Brother Emperor, I'm Su Su. Don't you remember me?"

Su Nuan screamed internally, Aaah! Emperor, don't you remember Xia Yuhe by the Daming Lake?

It did not matter if she was called Su Su or Dirty Dog—she was ready to go all out to survive.

She vaguely remembered that in the original book, Feng Junyi was sent to the Yun Nation as a hostage before he turned eight. As the princess of the Yun Nation, they were close in age and might have known each other earlier.

Of course, Feng Junyi's backstory was only mentioned briefly in the book, and it gave her a headache.

She had hoped that her host was once on friendly terms with the little tyrant during her childhood.

As expected, Feng Junyi loosened his grip on the sword hilt when he heard this.

Su Nuan secretly clicked her tongue. Damn, I got lucky.

Feng Junyi snorted coldly.

Su Su?

That vicious little girl Su Su? The one who threw a steamed bun between me and a wolf when I was kept hungry and cold in the Yun nation?

Of course, he ended up killing the wolf and snatched the meat bun to survive.

He still held a grudge.

"Have her bathed and bring her to my chambers."

Feng Junyi waved his hand and left, leaving Su Nuan on the floor.

He wants me bathed and brought to his chambers?

My current body is only 10 years old!

Feng Junyi is only 13 years old. We're both underage. Are we going to consummate the marriage?!

Could he… could he do it?

F*cking feudal society… How could they get married so young?

Su Nuan wanted to cry, but she could only comply with him obediently.

Incense bathing was an extremely long process.

But she bore with it since she was at his mercy.

Just when Su Nuan thought that she was going to be skinned by the palace maids, the bath ended.

The palace maids dressed her in a clean set of undergarments. The eunuch wrapped her in a blanket and sent her in.

There was no sign of the little tyrant in his bed chambers. The nanny informed her that Feng Junyi was still attending his evening classes and would only return around midnight.

She yawned. Since he was going to return around midnight, she might as well sleep.

She laid on the bed, lost in thought. As a princess married off for peace between nations, she felt that she had no one to count on in this place. The only person she could cling to was Feng Junyi.

She grew drowsy while thinking about it and fell asleep.

When Feng Junyi returned to his chambers, he saw a small rice dumpling lying on the bed.

He thought that his palace servants had thoughtlessly brought someone to his bed and could not help but want to draw his sword.

However, he remembered who she was when he had a clearer view of the little girl lying on the bed.

The little girl was wrapped tightly in the blanket, with only her head exposed. Her chubby little face was tinged red, and her glistening lips were curled up slightly.

Her glossy black hair cascaded down like a black waterfall.

Su Su? Ha, it's her.

Feng Junyi's eyes turned cold.

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