After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

Recently, major news broke out in A City. A rich family discovered that the daughter they had raised for eighteen years was not their biological offspring. The real young lady was found, and the fake young lady was sent away. Lu Ning was now a beautiful swan who had turned into an ugly duckling. Everybody waited for the opportunity to laugh at her. They wanted to see how she would survive after being pampered like a princess for eighteen years. However, Lu Ning wasn't afraid at all. So what if she was poor? All she had to do was earn money. But before she could bring wealth to her family, they brought her home and started counting stacks of cash. Her eldest brother, a business mogul, offered her a few companies. "These are all yours now. There are more if you want them. You can choose anything from dining, entertainment, fashion, theme parks, and any industry you can think of." "Ning, would you like to participate in a talent show? I'll write you a recommendation letter," her second brother, a major celebrity, asked. Even her youngest brother, a computer expert, said, "Sis, whoever says bad things about you on the internet will never get to use it again." "..." Lu Ning was speechless. Wasn't her family poor and useless? "Ning, if you don't like gold, I'll get someone to bring you diamonds instead. You can have diamonds embedded in all your clothes. What do you think? Hang on. I'll get someone to do it right away!" Lu Ning's mother said."Ning, are you getting bored of the black card? Why don't I give you one with a credit limit? Is 50,000,000 enough?" Lu Ning's father asked. "Huh?" Lu Ning was confused. Wasn't her family so poor that they couldn't even pay off their mortgage? Lu Ning didn't even have any opportunity to contribute. There was nothing for her to do. However..."Come and be our boss!" A secret organization approached her."Come and be my successor!" The director of a research center approached her."Is this never going to end? I just want to be an ordinary person!" Lu Ning exclaimed. "Baby! Come into my arms!" Mr. Huo, an extremely wealthy man, arrived at top speed.

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Throw Them Both Out

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"Old Lu, Old Lu! Quick, quick, quick!"

Lu Zhi was washing the dishes when he heard this; he thought something had happened and hurried over.

"Stop, stop. Don't go out, don't startle the children. Look, our Little Darling took the initiative and let our daughter touch him!"

Lu Zhi could not help his curiosity, and smiled happily. "Our Little Darling must like Little Ning very much."


As the two of them were talking, some noises came from the back; in a moment Lu Qing walked out. He pulled down his sleeves and walked to the door. "I have work to do. I'll leave first, won't be back tonight."

After changing his shoes, he opened the door and left.

Shen Yunci was so angry she was practically fuming. She snorted. "If you'll be like this, then you'd better not come back. I'll rather you not give my precious daughter that attitude!"

Lu Zhi rushed to assuage her. "Don't be angry, our eldest son is very close to An'an. Having watched An'an grow up, it's normal for him not to be able to accept it so quickly."

Shen Yunci dragged him into the kitchen and said in a low voice, "It's not like you don't know what she said and did when she left! I wanted to tell our eldest son just what that sister he's been with for so many years is actually like, but you wouldn't let me say it! Look how it's turned out—my real daughter, being forced to suffer because of her real brother."

Lu Zhi patted her shoulder to calm her down.

When Lù Yue'an left, Shen Yunci was so beside herself she had to be sent to the hospital; the two of them were so utterly disappointed in her.

"Even if we tell him, he won't believe us. When he slowly comes to understand Little Ning and knows that his real sister has a good personality, he'll get better. Little Ning and Qing'er both aren't the type who like to talk, so when the time comes we'll mediate and quickly get them to know each other better. Don't be angry, if Little Ning sees you like this, she might think it's her fault.

"Look, isn't our Little Darling getting along very well with Little Ning now? Qing'er will slowly treat Little Ning better under our Little Darling's influence. Don't be anxious, such things have to be done slowly."

Shen Yunci used to be able to hold her temper. However, due to unforeseen circumstances they had to move here, and thereafter she became hot-tempered due to the influence of the people living around here. From time to time she would become extremely anxious, but she was also easy to coax.

"Didn't you see that attitude of his? It's as if the entire world owes him. Second Brother isn't back yet, and I don't know what he'll be like when he does; if he ever gives us an attitude just like his big brother, I'll have them both thrown out!"

Lu Zhi could not help but laugh. "Alright, alright, we'll throw them out. Didn't you want to give Lili a call?"

Lu Zhi changed the topic.

Only then did Shen Yunci remember.

"Right, right. I was so angry with that brat that I forgot."

She took her phone and dialed the number. Lu Zhi smiled at her and turned to continue washing the dishes.

"Lili, when are you coming back?"

A woman's gentle voice came from the other end. "I still need a few months; isn't Little Ning going back today?"

Shen Yunci immediately nodded. "Yes, she's back. She just had dinner and is talking to our Little Darling now, the two of them are getting along very well. To think that I was afraid our Little Darling wouldn't like her."

The other party chuckled. "Little Darling wouldn't hate her, but he's also a child who won't take the initiative to get close to others. If he really likes Little Ning so much, Little Ning must be special."

"But of course, your little sister is the best. It's just that your big brother is behaving like a madman, when Little Ning hasn't even arrived he's already giving me an attitude; if Second Brother dares to be like his older brother when he comes back, I'll pack them up and throw them both out…"