After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

Recently, major news broke out in A City. A rich family discovered that the daughter they had raised for eighteen years was not their biological offspring. The real young lady was found, and the fake young lady was sent away. Lu Ning was now a beautiful swan who had turned into an ugly duckling. Everybody waited for the opportunity to laugh at her. They wanted to see how she would survive after being pampered like a princess for eighteen years. However, Lu Ning wasn't afraid at all. So what if she was poor? All she had to do was earn money. But before she could bring wealth to her family, they brought her home and started counting stacks of cash. Her eldest brother, a business mogul, offered her a few companies. "These are all yours now. There are more if you want them. You can choose anything from dining, entertainment, fashion, theme parks, and any industry you can think of." "Ning, would you like to participate in a talent show? I'll write you a recommendation letter," her second brother, a major celebrity, asked. Even her youngest brother, a computer expert, said, "Sis, whoever says bad things about you on the internet will never get to use it again." "..." Lu Ning was speechless. Wasn't her family poor and useless? "Ning, if you don't like gold, I'll get someone to bring you diamonds instead. You can have diamonds embedded in all your clothes. What do you think? Hang on. I'll get someone to do it right away!" Lu Ning's mother said."Ning, are you getting bored of the black card? Why don't I give you one with a credit limit? Is 50,000,000 enough?" Lu Ning's father asked. "Huh?" Lu Ning was confused. Wasn't her family so poor that they couldn't even pay off their mortgage? Lu Ning didn't even have any opportunity to contribute. There was nothing for her to do. However..."Come and be our boss!" A secret organization approached her."Come and be my successor!" The director of a research center approached her."Is this never going to end? I just want to be an ordinary person!" Lu Ning exclaimed. "Baby! Come into my arms!" Mr. Huo, an extremely wealthy man, arrived at top speed.

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Surely that was a little too hasty.

Even the Beggar's Sect needed a martial arts competition to choose a leader, but here she had succeeded her position after they had dragged her there for no reason.

Before Lu Ning could drift deeper into her thoughts, someone knocked on the door.

Lu Ning put her things down and went to open the door.

There was no one in sight. Then, she lowered her head and saw the midget at her thigh.

Lu Jingzhi looked up at her, and she looked down at him.

Neither of them were the type to take the initiative to smile or express their feelings. They simply stared at each other for two minutes.

Lu Jingzhi tugged her hand and placed something in it.

Lu Ning squatted down and leveled her eyes with his; she was not in a hurry to look at what was in her hand. Instead, she looked at his bright eyes and asked, "Is it for me?"

Lu Jingzhi nodded.

Only then did Lu Ning look down at her palm.

In her palm was a small USB drive.

When Lu Ning lowered her eyes, the sunlight from the window shone on her, and her eyelashes glimmered under the sunlight.

When she was young, Shen Yunci had been one of the most beautiful women in A City, and Lu Zhi was a handsome man who had charmed thousands of girls. Both of them had excellent genes, and their children were similarly handsome and good-looking.

Lu Ning had been considered the school belle for the past ten years or so. Nobody paid much attention to this during primary and secondary school, but at that time, those who did not know Lu Ning's name often asked after her, "Which class is that beautiful girl in?"

It is in high school when adolescents begin to pay more attention to the looks of people around them.

Lu Ning was crowned as the campus belle within a couple days of starting school. This, coupled with her good background, meant that the entire school knew about her in a week.

Lu Jingzhi looked at her face and felt strangely worried.

Sister is so good-looking; wouldn't anyone proposing to her in the future only lower our family's standards?

Lu Ning did not know what he was thinking. She looked at the flash drive in her hand and asked, "Can I ask what's inside?"

She had thought that children would talk incessantly about their gift, but Lu Jingzhi did not. He simply looked at her and smiled. "You'll know when you see it."

His behavior was quite mysterious, and Lu Ning could not help but develop an interest in him.

However, she still looked at him apologetically. "I'm sorry, Big Sister didn't prepare a gift for you. I hope you're not upset."

Lu Jingzhi appreciated the apology. He looked at Lu Ning and smiled. "It's okay. You're the gift."

Lu Ning was stunned for a moment. Then, she could not help but smile.

It was rather cute, hearing children say such things.

This was the first time Lu Jingzhi saw Lu Ning smile, and the way she smiled made him feel even happier.

When Lu Ning was in the Lù family there were also children at home, but they were all very mischievous and would wreak havoc out of spite. She had never seen such an obedient and sensible child like Lu Jingzhi, and she could not help but like him.

She subconsciously raised her hand to touch his head, but when she was two centimeters away from his hair, she suddenly stopped.

He looked wise beyond his years. There is a chance he did not like being touched on the head.

Just as Lu Ning was about to draw her hand back, Lu Jingzhi promptly raised his hand and grabbed her wrist. Then, he pressed downwards and placed her hand on his head.

"You can touch my head."

Lu Ning could not help but laugh again, and she ruffled his soft hair.

Shen Yunci, who was leaning against the wall outside and observing quietly, was shocked. A couple of years ago, her son no longer allowed them to do such childish things to him; he said he felt like a kitten or a dog, and he did not like it, so Shen Yunci and the others stopped doing it.

But this time, he took the initiative to let Little Ning touch him. How shocking!