After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

Recently, major news broke out in A City. A rich family discovered that the daughter they had raised for eighteen years was not their biological offspring. The real young lady was found, and the fake young lady was sent away. Lu Ning was now a beautiful swan who had turned into an ugly duckling. Everybody waited for the opportunity to laugh at her. They wanted to see how she would survive after being pampered like a princess for eighteen years. However, Lu Ning wasn't afraid at all. So what if she was poor? All she had to do was earn money. But before she could bring wealth to her family, they brought her home and started counting stacks of cash. Her eldest brother, a business mogul, offered her a few companies. "These are all yours now. There are more if you want them. You can choose anything from dining, entertainment, fashion, theme parks, and any industry you can think of." "Ning, would you like to participate in a talent show? I'll write you a recommendation letter," her second brother, a major celebrity, asked. Even her youngest brother, a computer expert, said, "Sis, whoever says bad things about you on the internet will never get to use it again." "..." Lu Ning was speechless. Wasn't her family poor and useless? "Ning, if you don't like gold, I'll get someone to bring you diamonds instead. You can have diamonds embedded in all your clothes. What do you think? Hang on. I'll get someone to do it right away!" Lu Ning's mother said."Ning, are you getting bored of the black card? Why don't I give you one with a credit limit? Is 50,000,000 enough?" Lu Ning's father asked. "Huh?" Lu Ning was confused. Wasn't her family so poor that they couldn't even pay off their mortgage? Lu Ning didn't even have any opportunity to contribute. There was nothing for her to do. However..."Come and be our boss!" A secret organization approached her."Come and be my successor!" The director of a research center approached her."Is this never going to end? I just want to be an ordinary person!" Lu Ning exclaimed. "Baby! Come into my arms!" Mr. Huo, an extremely wealthy man, arrived at top speed.

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Do You Think I'm a Freak?

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Lu Jingzhi looked at Lu Ning in confusion. "A teacher?"

Lu Ning nodded. "Yes, I'll introduce you to each other when we get back. Don't worry, I'll let you inspect them carefully; if you think this teacher isn't suitable for you, I'll find another one."

Lu Jingzhi looked at Lu Ning. He felt that Lu Ning's teacher must only be some ordinary computer whiz and not a genius. He was hesitant, thinking if he should reject this proposal now.

However, Lu Ning had already said that there would be a probation period. He would mull over it for a day, so as to not make Lu Ning feel dejected.

Hold on!

Lu Jingzhi looked at Lu Ning and hesitated for a while before he asked, "Sister, how did you know I made the game?"

Lu Ning looked at him. "Well, I'm not dumb."

Lu Jingzhi could not help but lower his gaze. Brother was indeed the dumbest; he had let Brother play those games before, but Brother did not realize that he had made them. However, Sister knew that he had made them with just a cursory look.

No wonder Brother hated Sister like an idiot. After all, he was a real idiot!

Lu Jingzhi's big eyes spun around. Lu Ning looked at him and said, "If you had a teacher to guide you, you wouldn't have to figure out all that by yourself. You must have encountered obstacles often when you were doing these things, and had to figure them out using trial and error, didn't you?"

Lu Jingzhi nodded. Previously, when he was interested in these things he had indeed learned them through experimentation. He tried many things and made mistakes often, and sometimes he could not even find any information about the things he wanted to learn. Even if he found something, it would only provide a brief explanation without going into every detail; therefore, he had to keep trying and making mistakes.

He did not dare to tell his parents about this, nor did he dare to let others know that he had this capability. He had previously seen a child of his age do something beyond his age, and he was regarded as a freak—even his parents came to be regarded as freaks.

As time passed, even his own parents did not understand him and thought that he was a freak…

Lu Jingzhi looked up at Lu Ning.

His eyes shimmered. For the first time, he looked like a child who was afraid of being disliked.

"Sister, do you think I'm a freak?"

Lu Ning's heart ached when she saw the expression in his eyes.

She also seemed to understand why his parents did not mention or even show that Jingzhi had a high intellect—it was probably because they did not know either.

He was afraid of being treated as a freak, so he did not dare to tell anyone. He did not even dare to ask his parents to hire a teacher for him.

Lu Ning raised her hand and rubbed his head. "How can that be? You're just smarter than others. Sometimes, people are afraid of people who are smarter than them because they can do what they can't, especially when they can do it perfectly.

"They can't catch up, and so those who can't do it themselves call others who can, freaks. The truth is, they simply feel inferior, and only by doing this will they not be thought of as idiots."

Lu Jingzhi was a little puzzled. "Is everyone like this?"

Lu Ning shook her head. "That's not so. Actually, most of us are ordinary and normal people who simply want to follow the rules and live our own lives. Genius children like you are a rarity, whereas idiots with low self-esteem are commonplace; therefore, their voices will overpower yours. However, not everyone in this world will listen to them. They'll feel sorry that you are called freaks and will speak up for you. It's just that there are very few voices like this.

"Everyone's simply thinking about their own lives, they don't have time to concern themselves too much with you."