After Being Dumped by My Ex-Fiance, My Beast of a Husband Pampers Me Every Night

"I'll do anything as long as you give me money." Nobody would've guessed that the once-celebrated rich daughter of the Liang family could one day say something like this. The Liang family went bankrupt. Overnight, Liang Ran lost her identity as the rich daughter of the Liang family and became a debtor. Her father had only just died, and the hospital already urged her to repay the debt. At her most vulnerable moment, her fiance called off the wedding and immediately found someone new. The person he found happened to be her creditor. Only then did Liang Ran realize that her childhood best friend and fiance had long been plotting against her with an outsider. He took advantage of her precarious situation to overtake Liang Group. He was definitely involved in her father's death too. To rescue her family, Liang Ran found herself a sponsor. She gave up her ego and pride, and she begged him to take her with him. "I've never liked anyone who threw themselves at me." The man coldly rejected her. However, she still got what she wanted in the end. After the incident, Liang Ran began negotiating with that man. To her surprise, he actually started developing an interest in her. He even wanted to become her sugar daddy. For a single year, he'd give her three million yuan every three months. If she gave him a child, he'd give her an additional 100 million yuan. For the time being, Liang Ran felt that the best option for her was to accept his offer. After a long time, Liang Ran found out that this had always been the man's plot. However, he said to her, "Trying to get you was the biggest mistake I've ever made." It turned out he had never loved her. Liang Ran decided to leave him. She met in a car accident and died. However, after finding out about her death, the man went crazy!

Mountain Springs · Urban
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40 Chs


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After lunch with Ji Xuan, Liang Ran made a reservation at the restaurant and sent it to Mrs. Tang.

After work, she went straight over.

When she opened the door of the private room and saw Tang Li and her mother waiting inside, Liang Ran was stunned. She deliberately chose a location close to her company and far from the Tang Family, and she only sent the message to Tang's mother when she left her office, so how did they arrive before her?

Liang Ran suppressed the doubts in her heart. Before she entered the room, she sent Ji Xuan her location, but Ji Xuan did not reply.

He was probably busy. She checked the inside and outside of the private room and noticed that there were two cameras in the corridor.

She entered and deliberately left the door wide open.

Mrs. Tang smiled as she pulled her daughter up. "Ranran, you're here. Sit down quickly."

After saying that, she instructed the waitress, "The dishes can be served now."

The waiter nodded and prepared to close the door after leaving.

Liang Ran stopped her. "Leave the door open."

The waitress looked at her first, then at Mrs. Tang.

"Ranran, close the door so we can talk."

Liang Ran said coldly, "Open it. We're not going to talk about anything shameful. If you're not sincere in your words, then forget it. I'll leave first."

Liang Ran was about to get up when Mrs. Tang grabbed her hand. "Okay, okay. As you wish."

"Just leave it open. Go and serve the dishes first." Mrs. Tang ordered the waitress.

After she left, Liang Ran said indifferently, "Where're the things you mentioned?"

Tang's mother tried to please her and said, "It's not urgent. You must be hungry at this time, so let's eat first."

Liang Ran looked at Mrs. Tang coldly.

Tang's mother's eyes flickered, and she quickly smiled at Liang Ran.

Liang Ran snorted and said, "You have no sincerity at all. I'll deal with Zeng Lu myself. You can figure out what to do about Tang Li's matter."

Panic flashed across Tang Li's eyes as she looked at Mrs. Tang.

Tang's mother gave her a signal and then anxiously said to Liang Ran, "Wait, Ranran, we really want to talk. Lili, give your phone to Ranran to see."

Tang Li nodded and took out her phone. After a few taps, she handed it to Liang Ran.

A flirtatious voice rang out, and the scene on the phone was unsightly. A hint of surprise flashed across Liang Ran's eyes, but she quickly suppressed it.

Fan Jin was really unreliable. The video that he had asked someone to take was easily obtained by so many people.

The video that she used to threaten Zeng Hui was not only in her and Fan Jin's hands. Even Tang Li had it.

"This is it?" Liang Ran turned off the video and returned the phone to Tang Li. Then, she looked at her with a mocking expression.

Tang Li was a little confused. "This video will definitely ruin Zeng Lu's reputation."

"I know. After all, I've already used it once."

"What?" Mrs. Tang and Tang Li exclaimed at the same time.

"Your bargaining chip is useless to me. After all, I've already promised Zeng Hui that I won't use this video again." Liang Ran said indifferently.

Tang Li's eyes were filled with panic, but Mrs. Tang was still calm. She looked at Liang Ran with a dark gaze and a hint of viciousness flashed across her eyes.

Liang Ran saw their reactions and held the phone in her hand. Then, she said indifferently, "Actually, you don't have to worry so much. You can use the videos that I can't use. You should know about the relationship between the Zeng family and Ji Xuan, right? Take this video to the Zeng family and ask them to help you."

Tang Li's eyes sparkled briefly, but quickly dimmed. "I've already tried, Zeng Lu doesn't want to help me at all."

Liang Ran sneered, "What can you say to someone like Zeng Lu? You've been with her for so long, does she have any feelings for you? You're just a useless pawn to her, she can throw you away anytime she wants."

A trace of viciousness flashed across Tang Li's face. Liang Ran knew that she took her words seriously and did not want to stay any longer. She said, "I've already told you the method. Whether you use it or not is up to you. I'll leave first."

"Wait," Tang Li said with inexplicable excitement in her voice, "since you're here, why don't you have a meal before leaving?"

Liang Ran gripped her phone tightly and ignored them as she walked towards the door.

Tang Li grabbed her arm, and Mrs. Tang rushed to the door and closed it.

Liang Ran's heart tightened. At this moment, a cheerful ringtone rang.