After Being Abandoned by My Ex-Boyfriend, I Became His Cousin-in-Law Book

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After Being Abandoned by My Ex-Boyfriend, I Became His Cousin-in-Law


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"Let's spare each other further embarrassment and just break up." When Fang Yan saw her boyfriend having intimate interactions with the opposite gender for the third time, she finally drew the line and broke up with him. She also beat that friend to the point where she was admitted to a hospital. In an expected fashion, Fang Yan got to know a doctor who could heal her grandmother. "I'm your fan. It's my honor to do something for my idol. If only I could receive something I really want as a reward," the doctor said. A reward was not a big deal. All Fang Yan cared about was saving her grandmother. She agreed decisively. However, little did she expect, the reward was actually... "A portrait of you fully naked?" "Yes," he replied. The man wearing a pair of glasses with a golden frame nodded. He seemed so elegant. It didn't seem like he was capable of saying something like this. "Is that a no?" He asked. "I'll do it." To her surprise, agreeing to this not only gave her a perfect model for her drawing but also earned herself a perfect husband. However, Fang Yan lacked confidence and decided to keep her marriage a secret for now. While the two of them began their sweet life as a married couple, Fang Yan's ex-boyfriend, who had gone overseas, appeared before them. He even spoke in an arrogant tone. "I knew you couldn't let me go. I'm willing to give you a chance to start over with me." However, as soon as he finished his sentence, another man kicked him on the waist. "Speak to your cousin-in-law politely!"


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