After Becoming An Evil Mother-In-Law, She Just Wants To Clear Her Name! Book

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After Becoming An Evil Mother-In-Law, She Just Wants To Clear Her Name!

Smiling Meat

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# figurehead # omnipotent # toughgirl # militaryofficer Single mother Meng Yao transmigrated and became an evil mother-in-law who forced her daughter-in-law to seek death. Meng Yao: “How do I clear my name? Someone please tell me urgently, I need to know!” After all, she was a kind-hearted woman, and was not evil mother-in-law material at all. Her daughter-in-law, who previously didn’t dare to speak out in front of her: “My mother-in-law is the best in the world!” Zhao Xiaoshu, whom she had sent to become a disciple at the age of eight and had almost been beaten to death by his master: “When did you see my mother was bad to me?” Zhao Xiaohua, who pinched her increasingly thinning cheeks: “My mother doesn’t love me anymore. She doesn’t give me any more meat to eat.” Zhao Xiaohua, who became thin and pretty later on: “It’s all thanks to my mother, who didn’t let me eat meat.” Meng Yao, who had now cleared her name and conscience, wondered if she would find a second chance at love. She couldn’t be single all her life, even in her second life, right? All her children: “Dad, if you don’t come back, Mom will start looking to start over!” A handsome, middle-aged man with dashing eyebrows and an indifferent expression: “She dares?!” Meng Yao was confused. Wasn’t she a widow? Was this a scam?


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