After Annuling, She Seized the World's Heart Book

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After Annuling, She Seized the World's Heart

Wondrous Medical Skills

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The chubby Qian Nuan was forced to break her engagement and became the laughing stock of the entire city. Even the peddlers on the streets and alleys made fun of her appearance and background. Her fiancé told her, “With your puffy face, you look like a pig. I feel like puking when I see your unshapely waist and love-struck expression. Let’s get a divorce! Don’t pester me in future!” Qiao Nuan sneered. “Fool.” In the end, Qiao Nuan successfully slimmed down and transformed into a stunningly beautiful goddess. Her fiance prepared the most romantic courtship ceremony for her and knelt on one knee in front of her. "Nuan Nuan, I was wrong in the past. Can you forgive me? I'm willing to give you the best in the world." Qiao Nuan looked down on him. "I've never hated you, so I can't really say that I'll forgive you, because you don't deserve it." Her fiancé flew into a rage out of humiliation. "Don't forget, you're just a good-for-nothing whom I've broken off my engagement with, and you even have a son who doesn't even know who his father is. Other than me, who else would want to marry you?" That night, an internationally renowned doctor said to her, "Miss Qiao, would you go on a date with me?" An international superstar with millions of fans told her, "All of you treat me like a prince charming, but do you know? Qiao Nuan is the goddess of my heart, the only goddess!" And that scary mafia who controlled everything also stood out, "My wife won't have to trouble you to jump out and propose marriage after marriage. Also, who said that my son's father is unknown?"


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