1 A Strange Pregnancy

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"You're pregnant, Miss Luna."

"Impossible! What did you say?" The doctor's words woke me up and I sat up in shock.

How is this possible?

I would know what I did. I never had any intimate contact with any of the opposite sex! And it's impossible that sperm can be transmitted through the air!

After the doctor handed me the test results, I was then convinced that it was true.

"It's already been five months, and the fetus is already formed. With the current condition of your body, you can't opt for the labor induction surgery, so you can only choose to give birth," the doctor said emotionlessly.

I didn't know how I got back, but my body felt like it didn't belong to me. When my father found out, he was furious. He scattered the documents all over in the study room.

After he pulled out all the surveillance cameras, he finally believed me. Five months ago, I was really unwell. I stayed at home and didn't go anywhere!

It didn't take long for the story to spread like wildfire. No one believed my explanation. Those who were watching the show mocked and accused me behind my back.

"Your stomach is already so big, and you still have the cheek to say that you didn't have an affair with another man? Peter's family is really pitiful. He was cheated on before they even got married. His reputation is ruined after getting engaged to such a person!"

"She not only has an ordinary family background, but she is ugly and fat as well. And now she's not satisfied with being able to marry into Peter's family. Instead of obediently waiting to get married, she did this and got pregnant before getting married. This marriage must be canceled, right? No matter what, Peter's family can't marry such a fickle slut!"

By the time Peter came to my house, I was already eight months pregnant. My stomach was bulging and it was unusually strenuous to walk. I couldn't even see my toes while standing.

He was led to the study as soon as he entered. I pricked my ears up to listen, and heard dad asked cautiously, "Peter, are you here to break off the engagement?" He was so intent on making the marriage happen.

Peter's answer made him heave a sigh of relief. "No, my grandfather said that this marriage must go through!"

Peter's family is a top-notch wealthy family, while our family can barely be considered a small family. If they really came to end the engagement, no one would blame their family for anything. But they actually didn't want to end the engagement. What are they trying to do?

Peter looked very dissatisfied with the arrangement and criticized me in front of my father. "She has always looked like a pig. I feel disgusted just looking at her. I wonder what kind of bastard she is carrying now. She made me a cuckold and she wants me to take responsibility for the child?"

The father hurriedly gave an idea. "Peter, don't worry. Once the child is born, I will send him away immediately!"

Peter replied, "You said it. When the time comes, don't let anything go wrong. Our family has lost face once, and we can't lose it again. I can't live with a child who isn't mine!"

Outside the door, I was really angry and scared. I didn't care about anything else and pushed the door open and shouted, "No! My child isn't going anywhere!"

Over the past three months, I had come to terms with reality and slowly got used to my growing stomach. The child's heartbeat grew stronger with each passing day. We were already connected.

No one can take my child away! No one!

A thought flashed across my mind. "If they don't break off the engagement, I will!"

Anger, disappointment, disgust… all sorts of feelings welled up in me. My heart felt like it was blocked by something and I couldn't breathe.

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, then heard a splash and a stream of water flowing out from between my legs. I knew it was today…

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