1162 Trouble?

Grey and his friends came out of the secret realm a few minutes after the Leader of the Heavenly Fate Faction went to meet with the Elder from the Vaergahl Family. 

Grey had no idea his use of dragon scales had put the Vaergahl Family into the picture. Now, not just the Heavenly Fate Faction, but the Vaergahl Family were looking for him. 

Of course, this wouldn't bother him since he knew there was no way they would think it was him. First off, other than the dragon scales, he didn't use any form of attacks, so the young lady didn't know how she could describe him other than the armor and scales. 

The armor was something he didn't have prior to entering the place, this made him even more confident that he wouldn't be captured by others. 

When they came out, he noticed the strange mood around those from the Vaergahl Family, they seemed to be somewhat annoyed because they were being held back by those from the Heavenly Fate Faction. 


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