34 That's How A Man Should Act

Three days had passed since Grey found out he was using the same technique as the rest of the students. Although it was depressing, it wasn't without its advantages.

Due to having the mindset of using a better technique and also his hard work, he was able to advance quickly, the elemental essence in his body was like an added bonus.

Grey felt he would break through soon, so he focused all his time on his cultivation, he didn't know what was going on in the Academy.

Grey was currently sitting cross-legged next to flowing waters. Listening to the mummers of the water, he naturally entered a meditative trance, and all the lightning and earth elemental particles were moving into his body.

"Splash, splash" The flowing water murmured unceasingly.

Lightning and Earth elemental particles entered his body through his four limbs, as his flesh, bones, and organs slowly absorbed nourishment from the essence. Slowly but surely, the strength of his body continued to rise.

After some time, a change started taking place in his body. "I'm about to break through" Grey said with a grin.

The biggest change was the awakening of his spiritual energy, it was a strange feeling. It felt like something was forming inside his head, but the process was painless. Grey felt like he could see even when his eyes were closed. He could clearly sense everything within a hundred-meter radius from him.

He saw inside his body and saw the elemental essence which was in his body. When he saw the amount of elemental essence left in his body, he was stunned.

"Shit, its already finished" Grey felt sad. He would advance at a slower pace. Now, he could sense the elements more clearly in the air. Cultivation would now be faster than when he was in the Fusion Plane. The essence needed for every stage breakthrough in the Arcane Plane was almost what was needed for the breaking through five stages in the Fusion Plane.

Grey felt stronger after this break through, now his real training had begun. He could now head out for missions in the Academy. The Academy only allows students of the Arcane Plane to take missions.

Most of the missions involves hunting down magical beasts and searching for herbs in the forest. Grey had waited for so long to get some real fighting experience, although there were magical beasts at this forest, the Academy always eliminates any beast above the Third stage of the Fusion Plane for the safety of the students.

Magical beasts in the Arcane Plane are tougher to deal with, because unlike those in the Collection and Fusion Plane, they could do long ranged attacks. With the addition of their strong defenses, they are very hard to deal with.

Grey settled his raging emotions. This year had been like a dream for him. "Senior Chris said I should come see him after breaking through to the Arcane Plane, seems like he has something for me" Grey said expectantly.

Since it was still midday, he could still go meet Blake. Grey left the forest and headed towards the Academy.

When he got to Blake's office, he noticed Blake wasn't inside. On his way back home, he saw Reynolds.

"Hey Rey" Grey called out to Reynolds.

Reynolds turned on hearing his name. When he saw it was Grey, he flashed a smile which quickly disappeared. "Grey, why didn't you attend the tournament? I know you didn't want to participate in it, but you should have at least come to cheer up your bro" Reynolds immediately questioned Grey after the initial smile.

Grey have an embarrassed smile, "I planned on coming, but suddenly felt like I would be able to break through so keep continued training. I never expected not to be able to" Grey explained.

Reynolds was about to continue scolding him when he noticed a change. He paused and studied Grey closely. "You've broken through?" Reynolds asked to confirm if his speculations were right.

"Yes, I only just broke through. I came to see instructor Blake, but he isn't in his office" Grey replied with a smile. He felt happy inside, since he has been able to close the gap with almost all his peers. Although he's not as strong as them, he isn't too far behind anymore.

"That's amazing, your cultivation speed is the fastest I've ever seen. How do you cultivate so fast, at this rate you'll not only be able to catch up, but you'll also be able to surpass us" Reynolds praised wholeheartedly.

Grey smiled without giving any reply. "Oh, you said you came to see instructor Blake?" Reynolds asked.

"Yes, but he isn't in his office. I'll come over tomorrow" Grey responded.

"I know where he is" Reynolds gave a cheeky smile.

"You do?" Grey raised a brow when he saw the smile. He knew something was definitely up with how Reynolds was smiling.

"Yes. He's at the Water Hall" Reynolds continued.

"Is something going on there?" Grey started getting curious.

"You know instructor Delia right?" Reynolds didn't answer his question but asked a question instead.

"Yes" Grey nodded.

"She went out for a mission and was attacked by Elementalists from the Starlight Academy" Reynolds told Grey what he heard.

The previous day, they saw instructor Blake furiously charging out of his office. When they asked around, they found out an instructor from the Water Hall was attacked by someone from the Starlight Academy.

The Elementalists from the Starlight Academy attacked her because they found a treasure and wanted to monopolize it for themselves. She helped in fighting the beast which was guarding the place, yet she was sneaked attacked by one of them. She was lucky to have survived.

When Blake found out, he charged over to the Starlight Academy and almost killed the man who attacked her. The other instructors who were with the man joined hands, but they still couldn't defeat him. Only after the Principal arrived did Blake let the matter go.

The entire empire was shocked by the news. It had only been a day, yet it had already spread around the entire empire. When Grey heard what happened he was dumbstruck, he never expected Blake to be this strong.

The higher ups of the Starlight Academy were furious when they saw this. The Principal stopped them from attacking him. He knew there was a terrifying existence in the Lunar Academy even the emperor wouldn't want to offend.

Although they were the publicly acclaimed number one, he knew just how strong the overall strength of the Lunar Academy is.

For him to charge over to the Starlight Academy all by himself and almost killing the man showed just how strong he was. If not for the Principal personally making an appearance, then it's most likely he would have killed the man.

"That's how a man should act" Grey said with emotion.

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